September 2014

Musings: Deep in thought; contemplative, rumination, reflexion, pondering, study, “an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections” (James Atlas).

Clio – Muse of History with the Scrolls

Welcome to our first muse (lesson). Our call in dates are: Tuesday September 16, 2014

8 am  Hawaii
11 am  Pacific Time and AZ
12 noon – Mountain Time
1 pm – Central Time
2 pm – Eastern Time
3 pm  Canada Atlantic
3:30 pm Newfoundland
7 pm Ireland/UK
8 pm NL/France/Italy/Denmark/Norway/Germany


Group 2 – USA, South America, Australia and Canada:
Call times:

2 pm – Hawaii
5 pm – Pacific & AZ
6 pm – Mountain
7 pm – Central
8 pm – Eastern
9 pm – Canada Atlantic
Hong Kong   8 am Wednesday morning
Phillipines (Manila area)  8 am Wednesday morning
Western Australia   8 am Wednesday morning
Japan  9 am Wednesday morning
Tazmania   10 am Wednesday morning
NSW Australia  10 am Wednesday morning
Victoria   10 am Wednesday morning
New Zealand (Auckland time)  12 noon Wednesday

Note: These times have been set up for various time zones internationally. During our first call, we will get to know one another. The calls will last for 1 hour. It is expected that you will join in on the calls. If you are calling Internationally, you can call by using SKYPE.  You will need to have a SKYPE account and top it off with some money – usually the calls are only about $2.00-$3.00 at the most.  This is not a video call – only an auditory call.  You will receive a telephone number via email a few days before the call to put in as a landline number in your SKYPE account.  You will also have a pin number that you will need to enter once you have keypad in the telephone number. You enter this number in the icon on the SKYPE panel that looks like 9 dots – usually next to the video icon. You will be placed in a group that seems conducive to your area however, please contact Christina if you want to change your time frame. These calls will be recorded should you not be able to make the call.

Here is the Time Zone Converter LINK if you have any questions about your time.  The calls originate from USA-Pacific time (Los Angeles).

Below you will find the links for streaming these videos. Watch the videos in your own time frame but know that there is a time limit on each monthly lesson. It changes on the 23rd of each month and the current lesson will be moved to “Last Month’s Lesson” – therefore, you have 2 months to view the materials.

In addition, there are PDFs to download that are relevant to the history of our work and short quizzes that you will use while viewing the lesson. You will be required to answer the questions or write a commentary and then when you complete the answers on the MSWord document (not .docx for Mac users, but simply .doc), you will upload your quiz to your personal student page on the coursework link on the menu box. This page will then be accessed by you, your mentor and the administrator. Please view and study these videos prior to our first call-in gathering.


 AudioTrack(60 minutes)  Amy Kanner and Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin Quiz
Music, Medicine Magic of the Harp -Amy Kanner
Amy Kanner Quiz
Find The Mode Quiz


Please fill out your Quizzes – ALWAYS save them on your computer and then upload them to your USER account so that your mentor will retrieve your work.  The mentors will check the student’s files on the 20th of each month. Monthly lessons change out on the 23rd of each month. If you need to contact your mentor for any other reason, then send them an email. They only check the USER account on the 20th.

If you are having technical problems, please go to the TECHNICAL FAQ’s for answers. If you still have problems, email Christina and she will forward your questions on to the web designer.

Attached HERE you will find some directions for recording through a PC computer. In addition, if you have a MAC, you can either record easily through the Garage Band or through Quicktime. (You will need to pay a little extra for Quicktime Pro). If you have a built in microphone than that will suffice for your recording. You can then save the file as an MP3 and upload it here in your USER account under ‘MUSIC SUBMISSIONS’.  Please, no longer than 4 mins. because if the recording is too long, then it will not upload.
There are also some easier ways to record now by simply recording with an iPod, iPad or iPhone and emailing the recording to yourself and then uploading it to the USER account. Please refer to your Student Handbook for more details for submitting recordings.

READING ASSIGNMENT – Ringing Through the Ages – Pages 89-108 in the Harp Therapy Manual-Cradle of Sound

1. Our first Muse will focus on the history of music for healing and how the harp/lyre was a key in its deliverance. The first streamed video is a lecture by Jeanne Martin, PhD. Her specialty is in Music and Greek Mythology. You will need to stream in the video which might take a little bit of time for people who do not have fast connections. The time duration of each of the videos will be listed at the beginning of the video. Our suggestion is if you have a slow connection, that you stream in the video before you take a lunch or dinner break as they are quite large or you can set it to importing with the volume turned down while working on something else (although this will slow down the importing). When you come back to watch the streamed video, you will be able to pause it, go back and review parts, however, once you close the video, you will be required to stream it again if you want view it again. You will have two months to view the video. It will be in the current lesson and then the lesson will be put into Last Month’s Lesson. After that, all videos and lessons will be gone. The videos are copyrighted. To best view some of the videos, we suggest that you watch them in a small window versus a full screen.

Here is a YouTube clip of Jeanne Martin as an Introduction.

Music, Mythology, Medicine & How It Relates to Therapeutic Harp
with Jeanne Martin, Ph.D.
Video 1 – Click on the image above


2. The second video, Music, Medicine, and the Magic of the Harp by Dr. Amy Kanner. Amy gives us a comprehensive overview of many of the topics we will be studying in the next 9 months. There is reference to the Golden Mean in all of these streamed videos.

Music, Medicine, and the Magic of the Harp
with Amy Kanner, MD
Video 1

For more information on the Golden Mean, please check out the following resources:

Sacred Geometry – The Golden Mean

Golden Ratio in Human Body

The Golden Ratio

Phi and the Golden Ratio


The music portion of this Muse focuses on your understanding of identifying the modes. In the lesson bundle, there is a Quiz on identifying the mode of the example. If you have any problems identifying these modes of the examples in the Quiz – Identifying the Mode, your mentor will aim to help you while you review the Intro video again. (Some of the people who were in the PREP school may have already done this – if so, you need not do it again.) If your basic theory of the circle of fifths is weak, you may want to engage a teacher or theory book outside of your mentor to help you.

Here is an on-line Theory program that other harp players have suggested:

If you have missed 3 of the 6 examples on the Identifying the Mode Quiz, your mentor will administer another short quiz to see how you are comprehending finding the mode of a song after you have had a chance to review the Intro Creative Harping DVD again.

If you have questions about any of the videos, please use our CONTACT FORM to be in touch and we will assist you.

As you watch the videos, please type in any of the questions that you might have. We will discuss your questions on our first Conference Call.


I encourage you to start a folder of papers. You might want to divide this folder into sections – Monthly Lessons 1-9, Book Reports, Music Evaluations, and eventually, there will be various sections for your practicum. This folder will develop into your Portfolio. Each student creates 2 portfolios, one for the IHTP office and one for yourself. For our International Students, you will be able to do the work in your own language and your mentor will evaluate your portfolio before it comes to our office. Any pictures, news articles or certificates pertaining to your work can also be added to this Portfolio.

Please check your own personal page to be sure that your profile has your current address, email address, telephone number, birthdate and that you have provided us with a photo. (You may change your personal details should your address, phone number or email address change. Be sure to alert Christina to any changes. If you forget your passcode, you can contact us and we will provide it for you. It is better than you changing or creating a new passcode.  That way, we are not able to help you if there are problems until you provide us the new passcode.)

And don’t forget to chat with your classmates on the FORUM!  There is a message there waiting for you!

Happy harping!

You are on your way!


MAY I SUGGEST AN HONOR CODE? In the International Harp Therapy Program we will be sharing a wide spectrum of information, some of which will be new research and other information might come from the personal lives of many of you in the program. I would like to ask that we maintain an honor code in which we do not email any of the pages, lessons, recordings or DVDs to any personal friends or associates. This is copyrighted material and disseminating the material is a breech of integrity and law. Thank you. CRT

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