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*** Upcoming Webinars and Continuing Education Credits


UPCOMING WEBINARS where you will receive 2 -3 CEUs for each offering – these webinars usually last for 2 or 3 hours.  They are not to be missed. 


#1  January 16, 2021
Tami Briggs, CTHP
I’ll “Play” for You

The George Floyd murder happened in Tami Briggs’ backyard (Minneapolis); the ensuing violence and looting was frightening and sad. What could she personally do? Play her harp! Since late May 2020, she has played every day with the positive intention to contribute peace and calm to the world. These daily harp meditations have evolved into a very rich, deeply spiritual “practice” using the harp’s ancient vibrations in awareness, prayer, intention and distance healing.

Instead of saying “I’ll pray for you,” Tami says, “I’ll play for you!” In this session, Tami will also extend an invitation for you to join her Points of Light community where you can connect with a worldwide group of light holders who are offering their unique healing gifts for peace and calm. Together, we are changing the world by amplifying the planetary vibrations!

Bio:  Tami Briggs is a therapeutic harpist and in 1999, she founded Musical Reflections located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a pioneer in the harp therapy field, graduating in the first class of IHTP; she is one of the longest tenured therapeutic musicians in the country. For the past 20+ years, Tami has played the harp at the bedside of hundreds of hospital and hospice patients. As a composer and recording artist, she has released 15 CDs for relaxation, comfort, healing and sleep; she has also written two books. Prior to founding Musical Reflections, she was co-founder of Transnational Strategies, a cross-cultural training company. She helped business people on five continents increase their international business success by developing cross-cultural skills. Tami has lived and worked in Switzerland, and taught American culture in Kyoto, Japan.

Her newest venture is creating a global Points of Light community for those light holders who are interested in offering their unique healing gifts for peace and calm to the world. Her websites are and

#2 February 6, 2021
Daniel Perrett – Distant Healing and the Harp

I have been part of the small group sending distant healing linked to the work around Ignacio in Denmark for a number of years. I have also been sending distant healing to people since the eighties when Bob Moore taught us how to do it. I am teaching spiritual healing mainly in France. In recent years my work has shifted from personal transformation work towards nature healing. I have written a number of books as research works on these subjects, which include my updated understanding of energy work. I am also playing the harp, exploring improvisation, creativity, and the effects of sound.

In recent years I have been contacted by numerous nature spirits of all kinds and sizes to send them distant healing. In the beginning I used prayer. Since spring 2019 they explicitly ask me to play the harp instead. There is something particular about the harp as different mythologies from ancient Greece, Egypt, Celtic Ireland, and the Bible have documented. This is due to its many strings that resonate when you play. I have recently published a booklet about distant healing with the harp for those interested.

BIO: Daniel Perret was born in Zurich in 1950 where he first studied economy. He studies spiritual healing with Bob Moore in Denmark from 1979 to 1999. Since1981 he has been teaching courses in sound and spiritual healing in mainly France, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland. From 1996 until 2010 he worked as a music therapist in a day clinic with autistic children. As composer and musician he publishes over thirty albums. He is the author of several books on music and healing. He lives with his wife in south-west France, Dordogne.

#3 – March 20, 2021
Hannah Brockow/Christina Tourin – Harmonics and Overtones; Sarah Schwartz – The Lyre

Participants will understand the basics of the harmonic series through a visual rather than a mathematical metaphor. They will be able to define the terms overtone, harmonic and partial and understand the differences between them. They will be introduced to harmonics 1-12. They will be introduced to overtone-rich instruments and learn about how the harmonic series makes the harp especially suitable for healing. Finally, they will be given a sheet of exercises to try at home for creating overtones with the voice and for creating a “full spectrum overtone improvisation” on harp (or piano).


Christina will talk about how the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Octave Overtones are used in finding the Resonant Tone of a person. She will also speak about how music in the 4th octave Overtones relate to the Cosmos and how to create music that seems to echo the Music of the Spheres.

Lyra Course information by Sarah Schwartz: During an 18 minute power point, I will be sharing the love story of my journey to the Lyra, and information on the history and usage of the instrument. There will be a 9-10 page PDF Resource List for you to print of extended information.  I will list the six texts I researched if you’d like to do further study, as well as several links to listen of the Lyra with world class players.  And I will also share basic  information on the Tetrachords, the 4 basic Modes, the three tunings for the Lyra, the three rhythms of Aristoxenus, and the ethos or effects philosophers believed the modes carried.  I will also share the place where I purchased my Lyra if you might be interested in adding this instrument to your tool bag.


Each Webinar is $25.00 or you may pay for the three  (60.00) and save. Simply choose from the drop down menu.


#1- Tami Briggs – January 16th, Saturday  4:00 p.m. (Sunday morning for Asia/AU.  (Recording available for Europeans)

#2 – Daniel Perrett – February 6th, Saturday 11:00 a.m. (7:00 UK, 8:00 p.m. Europe) (Recording available for Asia/AU registrants

#3 – Hannah Brockow/Christina Tourin/Sarah Schwartz – March 20th – Saturday 4:00 p.m.  (Sunday morning for Asia/AU.  (Recording available for Europeans)


Please purchase at least 1 day prior to the webinar date in order to to attend.   You will receive information one day prior to access the webinar.  Limit of 100 attendees – we have close to 400 graduates and the webinars are open to other programs.  Many will likely request  the Recording. However, it was wonderful to see everyone on the screen with our previous webinars and we hit the 100 limit so do sign up if you are going to collect CEUs each month, We have some wonderful topics lined up for you!

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If you have attended an IHTP Conference or an Affiliate Conference
, you will be awarded 20 CEUs automatically. If you attend one of our Module 1 or Module 2 Remote Offerings, the fee to attend the USA is $300.USD or the equivalent for the Remote offering being held in Australia. Again, you will receive 20 CEUs.   This applies to the remote teaching of the Module 2 being held in April 2021.  Iona Conference in July 2021 also counts for the 20 CEUs.

FOR IHTP Students – Please read this document carefully to understand the changes to the program and contact Hannah Brockow at if you have questions. Submissions will be made by e-mail to the above address, and the deadline for the next cycle is Nov. 1, 2021. Payment is made directly to the CEU director; you’ll find details in the linked PDF above.



Application Fee for the IHTP Program

Please go to your Affiliate Program to pay for your Application Fee and Module 1 and Module 2 tuition.


If you are entering the IHTP, you are to pay through their websites.  The addresses are:

This area remains open for our finishing On-Line Students which is coming to an end.

2 x Payment Plan

Units 1, 2, and 3 as Payment 1 – Units 4 and 5 as Payment 2
Level One Attendance – $1250 USD – Level Two Attedance – $1250 USD

5 x Payment Plan

Make FIVE separate payments of $525 each for At-Home Study Units 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (a total of $2625)

Resonance Refresher Course Tuition

Please go to the newly established Affiliate Programs to pay for Refresher Course Tuition. See Affiliate Addresses above.

IHTP On-Site Internship

Internships by Christina are to be paid here including when she offers the Internships connected with the Affiliate Programs.

Students may choose to attend a designated place to do their Internship with an IHTP Graduate/Mentor. These are offered in various locations in North America: San Diego with Christina, Rachel Christensen in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Laurence Marie in New Brunswick, Canada. Other locals are available as demand permits.

If you choose to do your internship at one of the above locations, the IHTP professional coordinating the program at the facility will oversee your development. Length of internships are from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how much time you can commit.

You may also find a healthcare facility in your own. Please contact our office for more information.


INTERNSHIP HOURS NOTE: During the Pandemic, you may be able to take a program that Christina has created that will work with partners on-line to receive 30 Internship hours.  The cost is $300.  Please contact her at:  Christina


CONTACT US before sending in payments in the following links. Thank you.

Deposit for the IONA Scotland Conference 2020 – now extended to 2021.

We are taking payments for deposits for our IONA Scotland Conference 2020

Please contact Christina if interested. Graduates will have first priority, students second priority, interested people, third priority and those with family members last priority.

Sharing a room will receive priority. Mention if you would like to be matched with a roommate.

There are 48 spaces available for each of the weeks – July 6-13 and July 13-20, 2021. Only plan on attending 1 week.

We should know more by January/February 2021 if we will be able to attend in the summer of 2021.  If not, I will aim to try to reschedule with our non-refundable deposits for 2022 OR if some are able to travel in 2021, to have one week in 2021 for them and another week in 2022 for those who are still under lockdown of the Pandemic.

US STUDENTS: Please make checks out to IHTP and mail to: IHTP, P.O. Box 333, Mount Laguna, CA 91948

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