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From Lia van de Velde: Science combined with spirituality, in such a way that they complement one another. Vibration/resonance links everything. What follows naturally is a warm and loving family feeling within the circle of practitioners and students.

We are offered very much information from many different fields. This shows the bigness and importance of this ‘new’ field of vibrational healing and also gives everyone the  chance to specialize in their own choice of direction (different workfields).Indeed we are encouraged to find a field in Harp Therapy where we feel we may make a real difference for our clients/patients, and to share this experience with our fellow practitioners. For many years I have developed my own style of Inclusive Attention through working with individual singing-students. Where the singing-lesson very often turns out to be a life-lesson for student and teacher alike. I worked out a self-care program for myself to keep myself healthy in body and mind (meditation, yoga, physical exercises, nature walks, singing, playing). I have seen the wonderful influence of singing/vibration on the human system and I have read extensively on spirituality and related subjects. Through IHTP the knowledge that all is UNITED through vibration has let it all fall into place, backed up by scientific research. My own faith has become directed towards understanding that unity is not JUST a mystery, it is a fact of nature AS MUCH AS a mystery. This has not taken away the beauty of the mystery of life, but is actually a confirmation of why I believe what I believe: cut away all the fringes and we are left with Love and Light, words that I have learned to use very consciously over a long period of time, since they are the essence of my existence.

Class of 2014 Shediac

LEVEL 2 ESM Class of New Brunswick, Canada 2014

From Valerie May: First of all, I would heartily recommend this program to someone who is willing to work hard and with the right intention. The program is totally comprehensive both academically and musically. The support system of Christina, fellow students and the mentors is encouraging and knowledgeable. The sense of community is incredible. I personally loved learning the modes and their different effects on people. Couple that with learning to improvise, I feel so much freer in my music. I have learned to let go of my inhibitions and to trust my intuition. I also am pleased to have learned to listen attentively…not only in the harp environment but also in my everyday life. I have enjoyed learning about alternative medicine and philosophies which are new to me. Although I am still a bit nebulous on the Celtic Circle, I know that once I have a chance to play it more, it will come to me.


LEVEL 2 ESM Class from Melbourne, Australia – 2014

The 10 things I learned to put into my tool bag by Michaela Braveman:

Understanding of Modal Music and related qualities –

Ability to improvise and discovering my musical creativity –

Self-awareness –

Understanding Inclusive Attention in a therapeutic setting –

Playing my harp with feeling and intention and keeping a steady tempo –

“Less Is More” – the best healing music is simple –

Familiar Music vs. Unfamiliar Music and appropriate settings –

Memorizing Music –

Understanding of hospice and how to play for the dying –

Understanding how music benefits various populations

Class of 2014 ESM SD

LEVEL 2 ESM Class of 2014 – San Diego

From Jan Hirsch: IHTP embraces the total experience of what it means to be called to play an ancient mystical, mythical instrument with a rich history and tradition of healing.  It renews the ancient place of music as a sacred gift used in the rituals of life –as a real tool for healing and communication and not as a form of entertainment performed by a chosen few.   It is grounded in science and presents fascinating lectures from leading authorities in their fields of study.  It is rich in diversity of subject material and enlightening in offering tools for self -knowledge and personal growth.  It is a caring and compassionate group of individuals.  It is a program that is transforming on many levels.  It enriches one’s life and gives a sense of community and belonging to something larger than self and yet honors the self. I loved being able to freely express the world of mysticism and know that others were aware of its importance in the human psyche.  I always have loved the study of cultural anthropology and value the importance of transcendence and spiritual development in order for the human family to reach its full potential.  I feel a novel flirting with my consciousness—a story of an ancient tradition being made real once again through a mystical gathering of woman and men from around the world. 10 things that I learned are: 1.  Knowledge of the Mystical Mythology of the Harp and its effect on living things. 2.  Knowledge of the history of the harp as a healing modality. 3.  Self-discovery and self-understanding. 4.  Losing my fear of “wrong” notes. 5.  The shape of Sounds. 6.  Being part of a mystical body of harpists called from near and distant lands to renew an ancient tradition to heal the world. 7. Understanding Modes and how to effectively use them. 8.  Embracing the silence between the notes. 9.  Left hand patterns. 10.  Freedom from written music.

IHTP Class Germany 2014

IHTP Class 2014 – Germany

From Masayo Honjo This program was much more than I expected….  I think I like the flexibility of this program so I could still get a certification to do work.  One of the most important thing about this program is learning improvisation.  Learning about history of harp music was enjoyable.  Cultivating tenderness was another important thing.  Also, inner journey toward your own core.

From Laura Triana This program empowers one in the Art of healing through the use of vibration. It develops awareness of miracles and compassion towards our brethren. Respect for creation and each individual’s role in life. The program also develops an appreciation of the wisdom of ancient cultures. Processes of psychological development and analysis of self motivation are explored.  Thorough musical development and appreciation. I liked every aspect of this program and specially its inclusion of the mysteries of creation that is seldom considered in this modern era. Some of the many things I have learned on my journey are: Centering myself, tempo of music, hearing all sounds in one note, the infinity of sound, silence, intention is what matters, holding the space, cradle of sound, silence, hope, spiritual energy is refining all other energies, joy of simplicity, loving what is, there are no mistakes, acceptance, right and left brain, trusting the process, balancing energy, the healing power of sound and lots of growth and expansion.

2014 Netherlands

IHTP 2014 – Netherlands

From Marci DeFrancesco

The International Harp Therapy Program provides an opportunity for an in depth study of all aspects of harp therapy. The instructor’s are very informative, the reading manual quite in depth. There are many valuable resources given. The videos are interesting, educational and enhance the studies. The presentation is given in such a way that one appreciates their instrument all the more, for its beauty, history, many healing qualities and its potential for making a profound difference. The coursework required is helpful for application of what has been learned and the required recordings help to build on skills and knowledge of therapeutic music. Having a mentor to guide one through the process is very beneficial for positive feedback and for guidance with any questions or concerns along the way. I feel all the necessary tools are provided for doing this type of work. I have looked forward to each lesson.
Considering my current work schedule, I would not have been able to arrange it any other way. I have liked being able to take the time with the videos at my own pace and to be able to go back and review material as needed. Having the Conference/ESM week works out beautifully for the additional training and hands on experience.
Class of 2014 France

Level 2 ESM Class of 2014 – France

From Celia Howard:
Things I liked about the program:
  • Encouragement to play even when I didn’t feel competent or experienced
  • I enjoyed meeting the presenters over the phone – most especially when they were personable
  • I enjoyed the attempts to connect the community of harpists on the phone and would like to see more of that
  • I enjoyed a non-threatening, supportive environment for learning to improvise
  • It is possible to learn improvisation through an online program even if you are a beginner
  • The course is well paced
  • For those unfamiliar with therapeutic techniques, there is lots of solid information

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Some of the IHTP Participants from our 2006 Professional Development Gathering performing in the St. Patrick’s Day Concert

Some of our IHTP participants from the 2004 Professional Development Gathering performing in the Valentine’s Day Concert – San Diego

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