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There are many harp players, however,

We each bring our own style when we touch the harp and become our own Master!

For BEGINNING Harp Players in my Tutorial Program, I will provide you with techniques of sound intervals and patterns that will create magical encounters for your listeners. Simplicity and the space between the tones ring forth from your fingers. You will learn many a song from the tried and true tunes.

Can you improvise but struggle with note reading?
Can you sight read but struggle with improvisation?

This is your opportunity to take your basic harp journey and now gain more skills, Learn to create your own Signature style!

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.-Maya Angelou

ADVANCED Harp Players
Learn to Improvise for Guided Imagery, Sound Baths, Transpositions for finding Resonant Tones, and balancing energy using the modes within the 5 Elements. Prepare for ensemble playing, and world music styles. Enhance your personal Signature style.

Compassionately developed bi-weekly webinars bring about the most enlightened works of musical art through the Tutorial Program Lessons #1-#30

The first 10 lessons teach How to Improvise and Play By Ear based on the modes that create magical sounds.

I am offering you a free lesson here to start off our first meeting, We start with a very easy tune – great for helping to calm and relax folks including babies and children.


The first free lesson: Aeolian – All The Pretty little Horses – beginning improv.
Please follow this Lesson #1: LINK

Right click on the image, open in new window –  to enlarge the music, download and print

These lessons are purely for learning new techniques for your playing. Some people decide to go into playing for therapeutic facilities but that is not the purpose of these lessons.  There may be some references to using the music in various situations but the purpose to broaden your repertoire with ways to extend songs and modulate to others. You may decide to continue on with more complex tunes and build on left hand patterns as well as right hand ornaments after the 10 lessons.

Lessons are only $20.00 per lesson  #2-#10 and then from #11-#30 the cost drops off to #18.00 a lesson
I have shared with you a pictorial collage of my background. Teaching has been my profession throughout my life. I very much look forward to working and sharing with you.
To sign up for the #2-#10 lessons, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below.
The site is secure and you can pay by credit card without having a PayPal account.
If you are signing up for lessons in the next series, you need not to mention it as
the system has you in to advance to the next group of lessons.

Or you can send a check for $180. to:

Christina Tourin,
PO Box 333,
Mount Laguna, CA 91948

*** Enroll now for lessons ***

January 2022 –  Lessons #2-#10  ~ $180. ($20. each)
learning the basic of Improvisations on easy tunes then continue on with our previous students!

Lessons – #21 – #30 – $160. ($18. each)
Lessons – #11 – #20 – $160. ($18. each)

Lessons – #2 – #10 – $160. ($20. each)
The SAME PAYMENT BUTTON applies to all current Groups 2-6
I will have your account to know for which series you are paying.

DO NOT HAVE A HARP?  Please CONTACT Christina for a list of harps I recommend that come with free teaching materials.

Here are some testimonials from previous students. I look forward to sharing with you!

Christina is a great inspiration to me, both as an accomplished healing musician and inspiring teacher. In her presence, I’m often touched by her vision and passion for bringing healing music out to the world. Her dedicated work has truly benefited many people, and will continue to touch the hearts of many more. As a teacher, Christina is the type who wants to bring out the best potential in you, and see you thrive with your musical talent. Attending Christina’s harp classes is a wonderful experience! We all come in at different levels & harp experience and she has a way to encourage each individual to progress at their own level. Most importantly for me, the harp classes with Christina are more than a musical journey. It’s a journey into my soul, finding my soul’s creative expression and true voice. My deepest gratitude to you Christina, for guiding me on this path! LM

The support system of Christina and fellow students is encouraging and knowledgeable. The sense of community is incredible. I personally loved learning the modes and their different effects on people. Couple that with learning to improvise, I feel so much freer in my music. I have learned to let go of my inhibitions and to trust my intuition. VM

“Christina Tourin unites music and spiritual talents in her educational tutorials and compositions. As an eclectic performer/educator, and well versed in all styles of music, she will help you to play the music that is within you!” – D.S.

Christina has mastered the art of conducting online groups where you can come together in close knit harp families, feel safe and expand your knowledge. – P.C.

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