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Do I have to tell people my actual age in my student profile?

You can keep the year 1900 if you do not want people to know your actual age – that is fine!

The answers to the following questions are available in the At-Home Student Handbook. We strongly encourage you to consult this in depth, as nearly every question you may have about the program is contained in this text.

  1. I am having problems uploading my MSWord file.
  2. Where do I upload my book reviews?
  3. I need instructions on how to upload the answers to the quiz to my mentor
  4. I can’t hear the conference recordings
  5. A message on my computer says it is downloading something, but then nothing happens. The same goes for my video streams – I open it once and then I can’t open it again.
  6. I am using my iPad for and I am having problems. Are there any issues with using an iPad with the IHTP program?
  7. I had a mic plugged in to the computer in the mic socket but Tina could not hear me when I tried to respond – do I need to use a camera mic?
  8. Some of the videos are blurry and a little hard to understand when I watch them. Any suggestions?
  9. Notes on Playing Videos (The on-line streamed video
  10. When you watch the streamed in videos – please DO NOT hit the small vignette to make it full screen.
  11. How do I get to see recent communications with my mentor?
  12. Can I email my files to my mentor directly?
  13. How do conference calls work in IHTP?


I have a question about the Creative Harping DVDs. In your Dorian Lesson you say to just watch the left hand and flow with the right and everything will sound good. I haven’t found that to be working for me.  If I play a B, it sounds awkward.  I find I have to watch the right hand a lot.

Yes, that B is the stickler – but when I have people start, I would rather have the Dorian recording sound crazy playing without looking at the right hand. Eventually, you will get the hang of it, but if one cannot get into the right brain – which means not looking at the right hand as it plays – then they never make that jump. So, as crazy as the your first Dorian submission may sound, it’s best to let it happen. It’s ok!  It’s the process of developing one’s ear.

Eventually you will ‘hear’ that strange B and have cellular memory in the position you are sitting and where your hands are not to play the B, rather than to ‘see’ it. I have seen this work successfully for hundreds of students. It is quite an amazing system if followed properly. It isn’t about having everything sound perfect at the beginning!

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