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So often, we or our loved ones, go through difficult times and need that bit of extra help sent our way. This is our prayer and special energy gift list – a place where you can ask to hold or be held in our weekly Sunday harp playing of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   For over 24 years now, we come together as a group of harpists to play this song when anyone in our IHTP family is going through tough times. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to ask us to play for you on this coming Sunday.




Duncan Saunders

Cass Jendzurski and family

Anke Arkesteyn

Stacey Harkins and family

Joy Indomenico and Cal

Anton Rustand on the passing of our dear CTHP, Donna Rustand

Ted Goddard

Midoriko Kawamura And her mother

Kirsti Kaldro and her daughter Nadia

Pamela Goddard and Ted

Denise McKenzie and her family

Katie Walsh

Jenni Sawell and her son

Carolyn Deal




335 Responses to “IHTP Community Well Wishes”

  1. Tanya Stephens says:

    Please would you all play this Sunday for Emma, my brother’s girlfriend, who sadly made the choice to end her life 2 days ago. Her son is understandably distraught and both he and my brother need as much love and prayer as possible to be sent their way. Thank you so much. X

  2. Hugh Blunt says:

    Asking for prayers and strength for my son Hugh who is battling with mitochondrial disease.

  3. Hannah says:

    Please play and pray for Jessica and Sidney in Montreal. Sidney had a tragic accident just a few days ago and is facing paralysis from the neck down.
    With much love and gratitude,

  4. Shannon Schumann says:

    Please play rainbow and send prayers for my sister, Penny, my nephew, Paul, and my niece, Julie. My brother in law, Greg, passed away from a long fight with ALS last Friday. He was 54. Thank you.

  5. Karen Thueme says:

    Prayers of healing, peace and strength for the Krielter Family as they comes to terms with the loss of their young son, Tyler.

  6. Hannah says:

    Asking prayers for my friends Deborah and Bevan who are battling with cancer right now. Many thanks and much love!

  7. Cheryl Dalmer says:

    My friend, Lori’s 19 year old son, Henry took his own life this week. How do I request that Lori, Henry and their family are included in the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” this Sunday nite? I’m playing at the service this evening and will play it, at well.

  8. KarenT says:

    Prayers of healing to my brother-in-law and his family following the loss of his wife.

  9. It is times like this when we choose either to grief someone’s death or celebrate their life. Stella, I know you always chose life and so I wish to celebrate the gifts you gave us; music, mindfulness and memories. You have not only touched the harp and made great music but you touched our lives and made a great difference.

    As a physician I deeply respect your vision to bring the harp music to those in need of healing. I will remember you always when I hear those beautiful sounds in the halls of medicine. These are the silent lyrics in my heart to songs I will perform on the harp in your honor.

    Bella Stella

    Yours was the gift of those who speak in rhythms and call music their soul mate,

    Hands that touch a string and make it sing,

    Eyes that can envision a world of harmony, even when they are closed,

    Ears that can hear the silence as it echoes the heart’s murmurs of compassion,

    Lips that give voice to those who pray in whispers for a miracle of healing,

    Fingers that know where the sounds of life vibrate between the strings of a harp,

    Arms that hold an instrument of angels and teach them the harmony of hope.

    You gave us all a lullaby for our slumber and a melody for our awakening.

    We will listen for the song of your legacy reminding us to never forget to dream.

  10. Amy Raven says:

    I too am so sad at Stella’s passing. We were in classes together at MHTP and IHTP, and I was so impressed at her impact on harp therapy and her music. I will miss her greatly.

  11. terrri tacheny says:

    My heart is saddened to hear of Stella passing. She was such an inspiration for me in playing therapeutic harp music. Here is a magical occurrence that must be dear Stella at work among the stars. In June I bought a new harp from Gary and Eve Stone at Hobgoblin Music in Red Wing Mn. I mentioned Stella Benson and having attended her workshop she presented on playing therapeutic harp a few years back at Hobgoblin. Gary and Eve told me that Stella was ill. After bringing my harp home I began playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. I felt compelled to play it over and over upon that new harp that I have come to love so much. I just read about this song becoming the song to play for those passing. I do think it a small message from spirit that Stella needed those beautiful notes to be played as she held to the last earthly strands of life here. I imagined harpists all over the world playing this simply beautiful melody over and over again helping dear Stella to lift her heart and soul and receive her heavenly wings. May her spirit of healing light continue to beam down upon us all inspiring more and more musicians to play therapeutic notes of healing for all beings. May her presence be always with our hearts and souls guiding us in our healing work.

  12. Jo Ann Philpot says:

    Stella was my teacher, friend and neighbor, before she died she came to my house to just sit and watch the bees ( I raise bees) . She had asked me to play harp. We would dance together and were great Rock and Roll partners, We played music together and sang. I have constantly played Wayfare which she composed since her passing as that expresses so much of my feeling for her music and life. She touched so many people. I had the priviledge of playing harp for the family while she was removed from life support. That was one of the most emotional moments for me. As family gathered around I could not see Stella and tears streamed down my face. I kept playing. I knew Stella was with me in my playing and I no longer had to see her just feel her. She has visited me in my dreams many times before and since her passing. I feel she will always be with me.

  13. Kevin Roddy says:

    I knew Stella through her extensive body of musical therapy work. She was one of the pioneers in the field and will be sorely missed. Her work will live on in me and countless others.

    “What is remembered’ lives.”

  14. Christina Tourin says:

    Christine Magussen, Duncan Saunders and I are setting up a Therapeutic Harp Fund for engaging therapeutic harp players in hospitals in Stella’s Memory in lieu of flowers. We will post information on how you can donate. Please stay tuned to the BLOG. Stella’s assistant said that funeral services probably won’t happen at least for a week.

  15. Masayo Honjo says:

    I know Stella only through her book “The Healing Musician”. I loved that book and I could feel her warmth and care to the patients.

  16. Carol Sack says:

    Stella seems present still, even as she seemed partially on the Other Shore even while on this side. Stella allowed myself and a wonderful colleague to take her on-line course when it was in its infant stages. We were so impressed with Stella’s warm and artistic and intelligent heart and mind and guidance. Truly a mentor she was and is. So much love surrounds her essential memory now. Truly her life was blessed to be a blessing. Thanks to my colleague, her book THE HEALING MUSICIAN is now translated into Japanese. ARIGATOU, STELLA SAMA.

  17. Christina says:

    From Tess from Paris, France:
    I’m so sorry to hear about this sad news…my heart goes out to Stella’s family and to the IHTP community. My cousin recently passed away from cancer also and I will include Stella in my prayers and when I play Somewhere Over the Rainbow. There are two new angels now in heaven watching over us all…

    Blessings to you, your family and the IHTP community,

  18. I was blessed to be able to take a Resonant Tone workshop with Stella, and to be in close relationship with many of her students. I loved her books, and her relationship with music. She made complex ideas understandable, simple, and most of all, doable.

    Bon voyage, Stella! Meet you at the harp bar afterwards, ok?

  19. Christine Van Den Bossche says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom in your book “the healing musician”, Stella.

    I honor you with your own words:
    “While maintaining our integrity and honesty about what healing music can do and what it can not do, we continue to foster a clear view for those who don’t yet understand the medical benefits of healing music. It is ironic that such a natural expression such as music can do so much for our body, mind, heart and spirit. It is truly a sacred art.”

    Christine (Belgium)

  20. Pixie Wright says:

    Stella was my teacher for therapeutic music, and she was my friend. We took Sarajane’s VAHT course together and Stella came to my house afterward. We had such fun together visiting Amish-run shops and hanging out in our music room. My own cancer isolated me for a good bit of last year, so I was shocked to hear about Stella’s cancer and passing. It leaves a hole in my heart.

  21. MargaretW says:

    Several of us remember Stella because she taught a module for MHTP (yes, MHTP) in the fall of 1999. I think it was just at the same time her book was published. I was band new. We will cherish her sincerity and pure good-heartedness toward all. She was a gift to our work. The photo reflects her graciousness. It is beautiful.

    Margaret Warczak

  22. Anna Jenkins says:

    I offer my sympathy to Stella’s family. On two different occasions I spent time with Stella in North Carolina at the SE Harp Weekend where she was teaching and I was helping in a booth. We had great conversations about family, music and harps. She spoke so fondly of her husband, children and grandchildren and the life she had on Lummi Island.

    Stella was one of my first teachers in the MHTP program and I learned to play music at the bedside from her. Her books guided me through my internship and first working experiences as a therapeutic musician. I still play from her books and will think of her whenever I play the chant music that is so soothing to people. She touched so many people with her music and her spirit.

  23. Margie Bekoff says:

    It was a gift, and privilege, to work with Stella on the National Standards Board. I will be ever grateful for her book, The Healing Musician, which I came across quite by chance before I knew anything about therapeutic music. I’m holding her and her family in the light.
    With love,

  24. Eileen Warr-Marti says:

    Thank you, Stella, for expanding our hearts and minds with your gentle ways, humor, musical knowledge and compassion in playing.

  25. Beth Kollé says:

    So much love has surrounded Stella, and now the memory of Stella. Clearly she was loved by everyone who knew her.

    Randy, Diana, all the rest of the family, my heart goes out to you.

    Much love from all of us,
    Beth, Jack, Lily and Reijer Kollé

  26. María Emilia Gagneten says:

    It’s a pleasure for me to know so many beautiful things about Stella through the comments I’m reading. Sure she will continue guiding our HT community all over the world. Peace and Blessings for her family.
    María Emilia, from Santa Fe, Argentina. No time, no space.

  27. Anita Leschied says:

    Stella never seemed to seek the spotlight but her steady hand at the resurgence of harp therapy will leave a long lasting legacy. Her books and webinars/seminars are ones I refer to still. A gentle light has been passed to the eternal. May she join the choirs of angels and accompany them with the celestial harp.

  28. Barbara von Behren says:

    I feel so honored to have been a student of Stella’s. I am deeply saddened by her passing, but so very grateful to have been touched by her wisdom, knowledge, gentleness, encouragement, and lovely sense of humor. What a beautiful spirit she shared with the world.

    My first memory of Stella was her singing La Llorona, a song from her childhood, at a PSFHS festival a few years ago in Port Townsend, WA. She closed her eyes and in her beautiful Spanish sang from her heart and her memories.

  29. Gee. What a loss to the whole world!
    First met Stella @ the harp conference in Richmond in 2000 and was last with her @ SE Conf in NC. What a legacy she leaves to so many, especially therapeutic musicians…..

  30. Lethea Erz says:

    Stella was an inspiration to me in many ways. She was my classmate first in MHTP and then in IHTP, and her healing harp CDs inspired me to record my own, back in the late 1990’s. I respected her greatly for her tireless advocacy of therapeutic music, backed by solid scholarship, and I’ve often been comforted by listening to her soothing music, which I’ve enthusiastically recommended to many other people, as well. My deep empathy to her family in your loss, which is a loss to all of us, and the world.

    Shalomaloha, arohanui, namaste,

    Lethea Erz

  31. DominiqueF says:

    I never met Stella….but I’m so gratefull for the fantastic work she did! I learned so much from her books ,and still do!

    So ,Stella, thank you for the amazing work you did, for the enthousiasm and motivation to be/become good harptherapy-practitioners you transmitted to all of us….
    I send you all my love to you, to your Soul ,on her journey to the Light now!
    Also I send all my love to your family, and wish them strength to accept your passing away….
    Dominique Faveere, Belgium.

  32. Cláudia Miranda says:

    I’m connected with all Stella’s friends and also connected with her soul that is now free. With love and compassion. I’ll read again her book.

  33. Christina Tourin says:

    From Stella’s Husband, Randy:
    My wife, Stella Benson, passed away peacefully at St Joseph’s
    Hospital ICU in Bellingham, WA. She died from pneumonia and acute respiratory stress syndrome and was also battling lung cancer. She was surrounded by her husband, sister, children, grandchildren, therapeutic musicians, pastoral care, and an incredibly compassionate clinical staff. She gave love to so many, both as a healing musician and a friend, and so many sent her love in return as she struggled with her illness. I will miss her desperately but I’m so grateful that she could be released from her disease and start off, lightened of all burdens, on her soul’s next great adventure

  34. Sarajane Williams says:

    Hi all,

    As you’re probably aware by now, we’ve lost our dear sister Stella Benson. I would like to include an article about her in the fall issue of the HTJ. If you or any of your students have any quotes, memories, list of accomplishments or information (including obituaries) about Stella that you’d like to share, could you please send the information to me at your earliest convenience?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best wishes,

  35. Christina says:

    Dear Tina,

    Stella was/is a foremost harp therapy pioneer in this plane. Perhaps now she leads the way on the other side.

    The world harp community may wish to create a landmark harp therapy fund in her name to provide funding for venues that have not earmarked or recognized the value of harp therapy. This would help bring your dream of ‘a harp in every hospital by 2020′ to reasonable fruition.
    It is Stella by Starlight now. I envision her ‘beaming.’

    All my love to all of the IHTP community,
    Christine Magnussen

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