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So often, we or our loved ones, go through difficult times and need that bit of extra help sent our way. This is our prayer and special energy gift list – a place where you can ask to hold or be held in our weekly Sunday harp playing of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   For over 24 years now, we come together as a group of harpists to play this song when anyone in our IHTP family is going through tough times. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to ask us to play for you on this coming Sunday.




Duncan Saunders

Cass Jendzurski and family

Anke Arkesteyn

Stacey Harkins and family

Joy Indomenico and Cal

Anton Rustand on the passing of our dear CTHP, Donna Rustand

Ted Goddard

Midoriko Kawamura And her mother

Kirsti Kaldro and her daughter Nadia

Pamela Goddard and Ted

Denise McKenzie and her family

Katie Walsh

Jenni Sawell and her son

Carolyn Deal




335 Responses to “IHTP Community Well Wishes”

  1. Lynne Davis says:

    Dearest Stella,
    Beloved Spirit Sister, and Forever Treasured Friend, you have blessed me with your beautiful radiant Light! We laughed, we cried and played beautiful music together –you have enriched my life beyond measure. Your unique preciousness resounds within me……..I will carry you within, forever and ever. My loving embrace to you and your wonderful family.
    I love you deeply, I miss You………

  2. Beatrice Rose says:

    I join my voice with all these voices, of love support and caring for you, Stella, and your family. Blessings on your journey.

  3. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Sending much love, prayers and peace to Stella and her loving family. I am playing Stella’s Native American Flute that she gave me over a decade ago. Beautiful Friend. Love, Jennifer

  4. Isabelle Guettres says:

    To Stella, her husband, and her family,
    I so sad to hear the bad news from Stella health. I am sending you Stella lots of Love, Light and Healing Harp music. I will be playing my harp in tribute for you tonight.
    Stella your work in the harp therapy field is such an inspiration. Thank you so so much for all you have done with heart and passion.
    Many Blessings and Good Vibes to you Dear Stella.
    Isabelle from Le Mans in France

  5. Bambi Niles says:

    After reading Randy’s latest post, I am deeply sad for Randy and Stella’s family to have to make this decision; a burden of love. You will be held in prayer for strength as you walk this path.

    I must tell you a story, of an event that happened during our Module of class of the IHTP in 1998. We received Reidi I with Judith Hitt. I sat on Stella’s left as she received the gift. I will not forget the beautiful very high tone that sounded as Judith ministered to Stella. To me this meant that Stella was loved and revered a great deal.

    It is my good fortune to call Stella, friend.

    May God hold you close,
    Bambi Niles

  6. Christina Tourin says:

    Please, let us all play Somewhere a Over The Rainbow today, Sunday for Stella and her family. I also want to mention the Reiki session in Phoenix that Bambi has referred to. Stella administered Reiki to me when I was having a severe dizzy spell. Not only was it the highest frequency that I was experiencing but my dizziness quickly subsided. I hope there will be someone there to send Reiki to her. As IHTP graduates you know how to send that to Stella and her family today as they experience the profound mysteries of life, both here and wherever we may go. I love you Stella. Thank you for being you and all the service you have given everyone to make this world a better place. Journey well and free and guide us whenever you can. Love and Light, Tina

  7. Christina Tourin says:

    From Stella’s husband, Randy

    Hi Tina,

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been available to communicate with the therapeutic musicians better. I’m very moved by the way Stella’s fellow healing musicians have reached out and supported her. So many are giving to her what she so often offered to others. The circle is completing itself.

    I’m so very sad to let you know that Stella is losing her battle with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. She will not be able to recover. All of her family will be with her by late tonight. Tomorrow doctors will remove life support and I expect that she will pass away peacefully. Duncan Saunders and Joanne Philpot will play tomorrow for her and her family.

    I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to know you and I’m truly grateful for your friendship with Stella.

    I’ll post something to the blog tomorrow or Monday.

    All best, Randy

    Randall Benson
    1412 Seacrest Dr
    Lummi Island, WA 98262
    206-527-5343 office
    206-909-0830 cell

  8. Randall Benson says:

    Wow, what a wonderful and supportive community that Stella has been a part. Even though she is not conscious, I read her every one of your wonderful messages. A candle was glowing on the table, a print of a harper was standing in a frame on the bed stand (thanks to Duncan), and a harp CD was playing in the background. She was very peaceful. Bless you all.

  9. Cynthia Price-Glynn says:

    Stella – your legacy-so-far is long and deep. I join the international chorus of those grateful for your genius and dedication, and for the beauty you have given to us near and far, directly and indirectly. And I also join the large choir of those praying for you.
    – – – Sincerely, Cynthia

  10. Carla Whiteley says:

    Dear Stella, My thoughts are with you. We have never met but through your music and all your amazing work I feel I know you. May you feel loved and supported during this difficult part of your life’s journey. May healing be yours.
    Carla. (From Australia)

  11. María Emilia Gagneten says:

    Dear Stella
    We do not know each other personally, but we do know in the Deep, thanks to the big HTP family.
    May you feel all the love and music, prayers, comfort and peace I am sending to you from so far away as Santa Fe, Argentina where I live.
    No time, no space.
    Be well. Love and light.
    Your friend María Emilia

  12. Carol Johnson says:

    Dear Stella,
    I was thrilled to hear that you can take a pill for your chemo and how effective it is going to be. You are much loved and prayed for with healing harpsounds by all your harp friends.

    Carol Johnson

  13. Dear Stella,
    May you feel all the love and all the music you have poured into the world circling back, wrapping you in a cocoon of peace, beauty, and well-being.
    Many blessings,

  14. Kathryn Kuba Dandurand says:

    Stella, I can picture your hands slowing turning in the motion of a water wheel as you explain to me how that rhythm helps support people in their breathing, and I am playing that for you every day, along with my favorites of yours; Oruco an ceo and Salva Nos Stella Maris.

  15. I was able to play near Stella’s bed in the ICU yesterday for about half an hour and it was a joy to be there for her, as she has been there for so many people for many years.
    I hope to return tomorrow (the 26th) and play again.

    Duncan Saunders

  16. Dear Stella,
    We don’t really know each other but we are part of this big harp family and bigger still human family and on those levels we know each other.
    I hold you in my heart and harp so you may heal…keep the faith…hear the harp sounds from all over as they touch your soul…
    Much Love,

  17. Darlene Walton says:


    I an keeping you in my thoughts and prayers daily.


  18. Blessings to all and especially to those who have special challenges right now. It goes without saying that it is very difficult and scary to cope with life threatening illness. I sincerely hope that all those who are struggling receive the Highest Light for the Highest Good. As I play Over the Rainbow, I visualize those who are threatened in a rainbow of light. And my prayers are that whatever happens that you always know that the Light of the Divine is always with you. Because you are part of the Divine energy and always will be. Many Many blessings, Namaste
    Anne Elizabeth

  19. Margaret Stephens says:

    Dear Stella,

    I continue to send prayers and healing thoughts your way. May you be blessed with peace and infused with love and light. You have given so much peace and beauty to the world.

    Many blessing to you and your family, Margaret

  20. Sending “good vibes” to Stella and her family throughout the day – every day.

  21. We are all connected in the Deep, in ways that are both mysterious and wondrous. I think of Indra’s Net. Holding others in our thoughts and heart as they journey through difficult times, physically, emotionally and spiritual is a privilege. Recently I read a short article by the president of Princeton Theological Seminary that said we can’t really know the feelings of others or what they are journeying through, and that the word empathy is not what we thought it was. Compassion and sympathy are better he said. All that I know is that I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Dreama, Stella, and Tami across the years and some of the others on this list. I remember that in the Deep, at the level of the Collective Unconscious, there is an “Innernet” where our thoughts and intentions for healing and wellness may indeed touch and hold those who are in distress. And there is the One who created us all, who is also holding us through our entire lives. May you each experience that the Creator of Love, Peace, Beauty, Joy and Healing is holding you as we continue also to hold one another in love.

  22. Amelia Gerlach says:

    Dear Stella,

    Thinking of you and sending love and prayers your way for prompt healing. Also playing Over the Rainbow and sending soothing vibrations to you.

    Warm hugs,


  23. Dear Stella,
    you will be in my prayers and thought .
    I wish you and your family great strength.

    Much love Anke

  24. Alison Ware says:


    I am holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.The International Healing Musicians program changed my life. It has led me on a wonderful personal journey that has allowed me to offer music in hospitals, hospice and care facilities. I am truly grateful for your teaching and wisdom. love Alison

  25. Estelle Day says:

    I am holding Stella Benson in my prayers. I am so grateful for all she had done for the therapeutic harping community and how much I have learned from her contributions.

  26. Cathy DeWitt says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Stella. I remember your kindness in lending me your harp to use many years ago when I was doing a Healing & Music presentation for the Arts in Healthcare conference in Seattle.You did not even know me, but you lent me your harp, came to the conference that day and attended my workshop. In gratitude, sending healing energy your way…Cathy

  27. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Sending love, prayers and peace to Stella and her family.

  28. Christina Tourin says:

    On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Randall Benson wrote:
    Hi Tina!

    I received your email in the ICU and it’s so great to hear from you! I held Stella’s had for you and shared your message with her. I know Stella really appreciates your prayers and healing music.

    Stella has been on a ventilator in the ICU since Sunday with acute pneumonia that is complicated by her lung cancer. We expect her to remain in the ICU for the next 3-5 days if all goes well. She’s heavily sedated and in no serious discomfort. She’s now past the risk of going into shock and she continues to improve a little every day as the antibiotics do their work. Upon discharge, she may then come home directly or go to a skilled nursing facility to get rehab for her weakened muscles. When Stella’s recovered from pneumonia, she will start taking some very promising new chemo drugs.

    Thanks to you and the other IHTP members for your support, healing energy and prayers. I know it means a lot to Stella.

    My best,

    Randy Benson

    Randall Benson
    1412 Seacrest Dr
    Lummi Island, WA 98262
    206-527-5343 office
    206-909-0830 cell

    Hi Randy,
    Oh, my heart goes out to you and your family and to Stella! This has been just an awful ordeal. We are all holding her deeply and lovingly in prayer. I have a site where we are posting updates so if you can include me in your news (appropriately of course), I will post it here on the Caring Site, just scroll down and you will see the posts and if others want to send wishes, I will tell them to post here as well and if you have access by her side you may share all the love we have for her. Strength to you my friend, Tina

  29. Christina Tourin says:


    Dear Christina,
    Stella is at St Joseph’s in Bellingham, WA. Finally, yesterday afternoon there was good news. Stella was taken off paralytic so she is breathing her own air but she is still on ventilator and will be until she leaves ICU which could be 3-5 days. Also she has not gone into shock which was the greatest risk. She is still heavly sedated in order for the antibiotics to heal the pneumonia. We all need to keep praying for her recovery so she can start chemo.
    Thank you for all your love,

    You can send an email to:

  30. Christina Tourin says:

    From Jo Philpot
    Dear IHTP ,
    I have not been able to get to a website. I apologize. Stella was rushed to St Joseph’s Hospital
    early Sunday morning. I was with her on Sunday afternoon. She is unable to breathe , her oxygen was 50%. She has pneumonia induced by radiation. She was put on a ventilator immediately and sedated. She has not responded since. On Tuesday she was intubated and her paralytic decreased. The hope is that the antibiotics would work. Today there has been no improvement and her paralytic will be increased. Both her daughters and Randy are with her.
    I cannot play harp in ICU where she is located. Stella has asked that I play harp for her.
    I feel that is an honor. Please send prayers and music to her. This is a scary and difficult time.
    On a positive side, she has been approved for chemo and her genetic gene is the right match for the chemo. She has also received financial assistance for this.
    Jo Ann Philpot

  31. Tami Briggs says:

    From Nancy Bick Clark:
    Hi Tina,

    I’m sorry to share such bad news. Dreama has ovarian cancer…. just been diagnosed. Some Ohio harpers are working on raising money for her medical expenses through a fund and a benefit concert. I have forwarded the email from Linda Phillips with the details. I am leaving town soon for a couple weeks, but wanted you to know.

    Linda Phillips is coordinating this and her address is here. I’m sorry to share such sad news.


    From Dreama:
    Tina we are soul sisters I value greatly all the love and prayers to fight this.
    Love Dreama

  32. TanyaS says:

    My thoughts are with everybody on this list right now. May I please also add my father in law, Peter Summers, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and also my 11 year old neighbour Mitchell who suffered a brain infection, died and was revived, was then in a coma and now faces the possibility of not regaining full use of his body. It is such an honour to be able to share our healing music with all those who need it right now. Thank you x

  33. DebbieS says:

    Please add my cousin, Katrina Watson to your prayer/meditation list. She is only 53 and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Those of you that played at the personal care home in the Netherlands in ’09 may remember her attending that concert. She and her husband were living in Amsterdam for about 6 years due to his work. She is back in the States now at Cedar Sinai Hospital. May her remaining days be in peace and comfort…

  34. Isabelle Guettres says:

    Involved in Harp for Healing Program, I am joining here your caring prayers and intentions to Stella Benson.
    Stella, I send you Love and Light through my prayers and Harp music from France
    Isabelle Guettres

  35. Christina,

    I send prayers for you in Everything you do. I am saddened to hear about Stella. Prayers to her as well. I hold my hands in prayer for all those who need healing, comfort, courage, and vision to lead the way. For all the harpists and musicians out there who bring their creative music for those to hear ~ empowering and caring.
    God has told me in my music – “music is the light through which shines my love.”
    I believe with all my heart. As we are channels for his love ~ let Faith .
    (Faith doesn’t have to have a denomination )

    Prayers for our world and for all people.
    May we learn from one another, respect our differences ~ and collaborate. Together We are greater than the sum of our parts.

  36. Christina says:

    Dear IHTP family,
    I have some news to share with you that I just received. Stella Benson had brain surgery about a week or so ago to have a tumor removed.

    ​ ​On Friday she found out that she has stage 4 lung cancer.​ ​She is starting chemo today.

    Stella ​is a graduate of IHTP, ​was ED of MHTP​ in the early 2000’s and has been the person until 6 months ago who did all the archiving for the NSBTM. Stella was the original chair ​person ​of the NSBTM​. In addition, Stella ran her own program, The International Healing Musicians Program. She is also the author of the Healing Musician book that I believe just about all of you have benefited from in your IHTP studies.

    Stella has been a force for good for the profession. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    ​I have just sent a bouquet of flowers to Stella on behalf of IHTP. If you would like to send her a card, I am sure she will be most appreciative. Contact me if you need her address.

    Each Sunday we play Somewhere Over the Rainbow for those in need. We have done this for over 14 years. It first started with Donna Rustand playing for her sister. See the story in the Cradle of Sound Harp Therapy Manual pg. 57 (Harp Angels). Please play this Sunday and every Sunday for Stella and those listed on our Caring and Prayer Page. If you would like to be included, add you name/s below and we will include you on our Caring and Prayer list.
    We will keep you informed about Stella through this BLOG.


  37. Becky Walker says:

    Prayers for healing, comfort, and peace!

  38. Joanna says:

    I would like the love and light of the angels to sing through our music to comfort my dad in his last days as he struggles with a failing heart valve and blood cancer.

    He is an amazingly vibrant, giving soul who, until last year, was a volunteer to help ease the pain of others in the very same hospital he is now in as a patient.

    We are going to bring him home and continue round the clock care for this luminous soul who has given all he is to others his entire life.

    He is a wonderful musician himself, self-taught, and he is the reason I studied music and became a professional vocal soloist, music teacher, and now, harp therapy student (informally). His light shines on, and his name is Bill Novosedlik. He is the joy of my heart, and a divine gift to this world.

    Thank you for sending music his way – a spiritual healer recently saw music surrounding him and his joy at hearing it as she provided healing for him. Thank you for offering this loving service to the world, and I am proud and honoured to be part of all of us who heal through music and are angels of music in this world!

    Love and Light,

  39. JoP says:

    Stella Benson is fighting stage 4 lung cancer. My father is starting the process of actively dying after two weeks off dialysis. IMy mother died Feb 26 and I have been in Arizona and hospice off on and on for 6 months.

  40. Tami Briggs says:

    Hi Tina,
    I just saw this posting on Facebook from Stella … I believe “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from all of us is important. Hopefully you can let our community know…

    I’m posting this because I would like some prayers, healing thoughts an healing music sent my way. I Learned yesterday that I have a brain tumor growing in my brain. Potential surgery is planned for this Friday. Please send healing thoughts. Personally, I’m not worried. I’m just glad they learned what the black blotch is on my MRI scan. Wish me luck. Thank you.

    Be well,

  41. KarenT says:

    Please add my friends Toni and Tony & Patty. Thanks

  42. Sue Egloff says:

    Special prayers for Laura (daughter) please. She has lung surgery on Monday.

    L&H, Sue

  43. Masayo Honjo says:

    Dear friends,

    Today, I want to report to you that our family is entering an unknown territory, a new chapter of our lives.
    Julian, my husband, Gentry’s dad is diagnosed with brain cancer. Our focus will be to deal with this for a while.
    We want to make this a learning opportunity for trust, joy and peace….. basically all the good stuff of life!

    Good thoughts and prayers are so welcome right now. And forgive me if I seem too busy or preoccupied. Indeed, I have so much to do!
    But our door to friendship is open. Since we want to surround ourselves with beautiful thoughts, we welcome your sharing of fun/funny/beautiful experiences,etc. and just be friends. We may be outgoing, or we may need space, allowing the waves of time. I am sure you understand.

    Thank you for taking this in. Please keep in touch.

    Love always,
    Masayo Honjo
    P.S. Please forward this to anyone I missed.

  44. Masayo Honjo says:

    Julian, my husband is diagnosed with brain cancer. Please pray for us. Thank you, Masayo

  45. BambiN says:

    Prayers for Janet Brouckaert on the passing of her father, November 27, 2013. Janet cared for her father’s needs and advocated for his care while hospitalized in Florida. My thoughts and prayers go to Jan.

  46. Christina says:

    from Carla Whiteley:
    Just writing to ask you to pray for Laughlin ,John ,Andrea and Gus.

    Laughlin has been diagnosed with leukemia.

    Every 5 years they find that one child out of all the ones that have been successfully treated for the brain tumor that Laughlin had develops leukemia .Sadly Laughlin has developed it.

    His 7th birthday party has been moved forward and he goes into hospital in 10 days time where he will undergo treatment for a week and then remain in the hospital for 6 weeks

    Laughlin will also be tested to see if he has a genetic predisposition to cancer. If that is the case Gus will be tested.

    Please pray for headling for Laughlin and strength for John and Andrea and Gus.

    With our love..

  47. BambiN says:

    Student, Helen Heath is dealing with illness in her family. Please lift her for strength during this time. Thank you.

  48. BambiN says:

    Margaret Warczak has had some wonderful news regarding her health and feels like she can breathe again! We rejoice with Margaret!

  49. BambiN says:

    Sympathy to Cheryl Kissling of Iowa, on the passing of her father. She cared for him at home after retiring from her nursing career.
    Cheryl, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  50. Bambi Niles says:

    Sending prayers for safety to those affected by floods in Colorado.
    I have heard from Liz Gilpartick in Louiville, Colorado. They are safe, but many friends and family in the area are cut off due to flooding.
    Know I am praying for you.
    Also sending prayers for those affected by California and New Jersey fires, may the rain help put the fires out!

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