REQUIREMENTS to graduate from the Int’l Harp Therapy Program
Over the course of the year (or two if you take a more leisurely approach), you will be required to
complete the following:
1. Read and complete 12 book reports – 7 required – 5 of choice (You may begin this before enrolling)
2. Study the 10 Creative Harping DVD’s that will take you on a journey of studying the modes, gaining
techniques, learning to improvise and play by ear and leading to the ability to modulate from
mode to mode – i.e. mood to mood while following the patient. (You may begin this study before
enrolling but be sure to ask about the evaluations that are necessary for progressing as a student
of the program. Each lesson submission should include one of the pieces on the DVD and then flow
into an improvisation utilizing at least 2 of the left hand patterns. The piece and the improvisation
should be played as if you were playing for someone who is transitioning. Contact the IHTP office
if you are interested in beginning this process.)
3. Two papers after the two modules (see list of topics that will be covered under course descriptions)
4. 80 hour Independent Study (can be done in your own locale – mentors set up by the IHTP)
5. Two portfolios (one for the IHTP office and one for your personal use) that will house your:
book reports, papers, evaluations of your DVD studies, your Independent Study proposal, journal
entries, mentor’s evaluation, an exit recording of 33 tunes (3 tunes in each of 11 categories)
plus 6 songs selected to match and balance energies according to the elemental nature of music.
(You can being studying these pieces before enrolling. They are from the Illuminations Book and
you can access the list on the Reading List page of this site.)
6. A committment to attend the bi-annual IHTP conference for continuing education as put forth by
the NSBTM. These conferences will keep you informed of all the new developments in the field.
Your title upon graduation will be: CTHP – Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner. You will be certified under the auspices of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.


Note: For those entering the program before our Intake dates, you may begin the readings and DVD Lesson Studies. This will save you many hours of work when you begin the Program.

1. Read and complete twelve book reports (seven required, five of your choice.) Please write a one-page review of each book and answer the question:  “How will the content of this book help me in becoming an effective Therapeutic Harp Practitioner?” READING LIST

2. Study the ten Creative Harping DVDs that will take you on a journey of studying the modes, gaining techniques, learning to improvise and play by ear and leading to the ability to modulate from mode to mode while following the patient.* Upon completion of each DVD, you are required to make a recording that will be submitted to your mentor through your Unit Work. This recording should be no more than 3-4 mins. but have at least one song from the DVD that segues into an improvisation of the same tempo, mode, rhythm that utilizes at least two of the left-hand patterns in the lesson study. If you are preparing ahead of time, please make your recordings so that you can submit them along with your workbooks when the 2016 program begins.  (There is no recording submission for Lesson #1, just a quiz that you understand how to find the mode of a piece and understand the Circle of Fifths and not recording submission for Lesson #9.  Those Elemental songs will be included in the 6 song submission from the Illumination Healing book or it’s equivalent).

3. Take quizzes and write a reflective paper during the 5 Units.

4.  Submit an exit usb demonstrating your repertoire in eleven genres and 6 elemental categories plus a piece of your choice to represent you best playing.

5.  Submit records of your 80 hours Clinical Rotation.

6.  Our attendance course, ESM training, focuses on Resonance Studies and deeper music Development. The focus is to be able to Individualize Music for clients and patients based on identifying their Resonant Tone. This is especially powerful in Hospice work and Palliative Care. For those attending the ESM (Experiential Specialty Module, learning how to work with Resonance), you will have an additional recommendation from the IHTP to work in Hospice. (You can still get your general certification through the complete At-Home Study Program but a special recognition of recommendation for Hospice will go to those who have taken the attendance ESM in one of our places around the world). You can get the general certification and then in the future take the ESM and receive CEUs for doing so as well as the recommendation.

7.  Your music will reflect your studies embody the grace, musicality, technical achievement and spirituality of the most poignant Cradle of Sound to serve all people especially those in hospice and palliative care. You will be guided to create beautiful music!

8.  Make a commitment to continuing education as put  forth by the NSBTM. (20 CEU’s every 2 years).

The Cost for IHT training and  Certification is $2500.00. (Payment options available)

Your title upon  graduation will be: CTHP – Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner. The International Harp Therapy Program is accredited auspices of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.




This information is for graduates of other programs, i.e. music therapy, music-thanatology, or other programs who have met the basic standards that the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians has approved. You will be required to attend and submit the paper for the LEVEL 2 Resonance Studies Experiential Attendance Module, meet the music development 10 Creative Harping DVD Lesson requirements – commit to a 35 hour Clinical Rotation implementing your Resonance studies. You are required to  learn the 6 tunes in the Illuminations Healing Music Book and to submit 33 tune tunes that you can use in various settings. We require that you audit the On-line Standards at no charge to view how the IHTP utilizes information that you have previously been taught. You are not required to do the quizzes (with exception of Quiz on How to Find The Mode of a Piece) in Units, 1,2, and 3.  You will do the work in Units 4 and 5 – the quizzes on finding Resonant Tone and Double Resonance. You are to submit four papers, at the end of each of the 4 Units) discussing the content of the on-line program in relationship of your previous studies. (For those who did not take one of the accredited programs of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians, we ask that you include reading reports from our required reading list.)

Summary: – For your final submission, include your Creative Harping DVD evaluations (excluding #9), your paper from the Level 2 Resonance Studies (ESM), the Clinical Rotation papers from your 35 hours of internship. You will submit an exit recording with the 6 required pieces and 33 tunes and a piece of music of your choice representing your best playing, not to exceed 4 mins. Mentors may ask for a redo of the later Creative Harping music submissions that they feel needs some polishing. They are lenient on the beginning lessons.

The cost for Other Program Graduates is $1250. ($525.00 to be paid upon your acceptance to engage your mentor and the balance to be paid when you take the Level 2).

Your title upon graduation will be: CTHP – Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner – Level 2 Certified along with the title of your other Program.  The International Harp Therapy Program is accredited auspices of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.