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Enjoy Pictures and news from our Cedar Falls, IOWA August 11-13, 2017 Bi-Annual CONFERENCE!

maslows-hierarchy-of-needsRodney Schwan and Christina presented:
Color My World with Sensory Wellness through Aroma and Sound

This program is designed for Holistic Health Practitioners, Nurses, Healthcare Providers and Therapeutic Musicians. We are integrating the modality of aromatherapy with sound and help to improve wellness for everyone! Rodney offered basic information on which aromas were used for Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs while Christina showed how music and images can help enhance the recipients sensory experience.

Here are more workshops that were presented at the conference:
Jeanne Martin – Music, Mythology, and Medicine, the Ancient Roots of Therapeutic Harp
Tami Briggs – offered two workshops: HEALING Vibrations Harp/Hands, and Using Intentionality for the Harp.
Dayle Olson  presented tools to work with Special Needs children. He and Christina presented the newly developed Rainbow Bubble Program.
Gaylord Stauffer – Sound Vibrations – How they Work and how they affect animate and inanimate objects
Marianne Lounsbury – The Power of Art and Music. This is a program that she is using in the Parker Adventist Hospital.
Laurence Furr – Update on Development within the IHTP.

IHTP 2017 Iowa Bi-Annual Conference

IHTP 2017 Iowa Bi-Annual Conference

Following the conference, we held the Level 2 (ESM Experiential Specialty Module) on finding Resonant Tone and how to implement it. This is where all the magic happens!


Prayers and Intentions

On Sundays we gather together to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. If you would like to be held in special prayer and intention, please submit a posting on the Caring and Prayers site and we will access these requests and play for you on Sundays.
Caring and Well Wishes




I’m pleased to announce an exciting book by Don Campbell and Alex Doman – Healing at the Speed of Sound! I feel very honored that Don chose my music and Buvana’s (IHTP) sweet beautiful voice to open and end this new e-book!  It is also available as hard copy.

View the trailer for Don’s new book Healing At The Speed of Sound ™   HERE

This book is filled with the most recent research and of course – available as an electronic book with links to music, videos and pertinent websites! You may order your book at this address:

Don and I joined up in Berlin, Germany for 3 days to tour the city prior to his transitioning.  For those who have heard Don at our conferences you can imagine it was one amazing fun and funny trip! He is dearly missed by us all! However, his work lives on and on especially his paper plate Mozart exercise!

Don Campbell – great German beer! He says one of 10 beers a year!  Wonder where all the other countries are he has tried!

Christina Tourin – skip the beer – go for the Mohito! Fascinting trip to Berlin seeing the remains of the Berlin wall and lots of history

Angel – Bode Museum – Berlin

Don decked out for the Opera!


Interesting Articles

Traditional Musical Cures

Istanbul hospital revives complementary therapy for a range of illnesses by playing ancient Arabesque scales and patterns.


Music and Cancer – NY Times – Research Study



This was sent from Don Campbell – Amazing – Mozart played on water filled glasses.

N.Y. / REGION | July 04, 2011
Relaxing, Touching the Memory, Music Helps With the Final Transition
Three music therapists from MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care crisscross the city and suburbs to sing songs to the dying.


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