Creative Harping DVDs


The Creative Harping Series

You will begin to play music without reading the written note.
Right hand and left hand patterns provide the basis for entwining sounds for a creative passionate sound.
Playing along with the visuals provide form in rhythm and structure.
In the Introduction #1 DVD, each mode is introduced and then thoroughly studied in subsequent lessons. This lesson can be viewed for free at this LINK.

With each lesson, you will receive codes for downloading the pages of music and explanations from the internet. We suggest you purchase a binder to house the lesson papers. There will be about 1.5″of pages in total. Downloading creates a savings to you on shipping costs and packaging space for us and you have the option of A4 or 8″x11″ printouts. You can contact us if you need us to send you the papers.

Here is the link to download your support papers after you have purchased and received the DVDs/Videos.

The code is imprinted on the back cover of each of the DVDs. If you are having a problem downloading the support papers, it may be that you have not ‘allowed’ the popup to appear. There will usually be an indication on a top line of your computer screen asking you to allow the popup. If after that, you have any problem downloading the papers, then please contact us through the Contact Form to ask for assistance.
Purchase Creative Harping Series #1 – 10 on DVD here.

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Note: All DVD purchases ship with the original cover with numbers on the spine indicating the various lessons.

For those preparing for the International Harp Therapy Program, please go to the REQUIREMENTS page to find out what is expected from you after each DVD study.

You can order the complete Creative Harp Series and save HERE:

Creative-DVD Free Introduction Lesson – You will learn how to determine the mode of a piece and obtain the chords that are used for improvisation with each of the modes in the related keys of the music.
Free Introduction Lesson Streaming HERE
original #2 – Dorian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Dorian Mode and add The Chanter to your repertoire. Wonderful scenery of caves, dragons and fire open the lesson.
Dorian Streaming option HERE
Dorian DVD option HERE
original #3 – Aeolian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Aeolian Mode and add Little Boats, Mary Young and Faire and Greensleeves to your repertoire. A countryside journey through England opens this pastoral video.
Aeolian Streaming option HERE
Aeolian DVD option HERE
original #4 – Mixolydian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Mixolydian Mode and add The Silkie, Christ Child’s Lullaby andLochaber No More to your repertoire. Opening scenes of the ocean and seals will delight the senses.
Mixolydian Streaming option HERE
Mixolydian DVD option HERE
original # 5 – Locrian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Locrian Mode and add Sakura to your repertoire. You can almost smell the cherry blossoms as you play along with the opening scenes.
Locrian Streaming option HERE
Locrian DVD option HERE
original #6 – Ionian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Ionian Mode and add In The Bleak Mid-Winter and Suo Gan to your repertoire. Enjoy the gentle snowfall while watching the little birds appear.
Ionian Streaming option HERE
Ionian DVD option HERE
original #7 – Angel Mode – (Pentatonic tunings) Learn a series of Pentatonic tunes to play with the left hand while the right hand glides over the strings playing glissandos. Scenes from the heavenly realm and Angel paintings by Ann Rothan grace this ethereal video.
Angel Streaming option HERE
Angel DVD option HERE
original #8 – Middle Eastern Mode – Learn to improvise in the Middle Eastern Tuning and add Hava Nagila and Evening of Roses to your repertoire. Scenes from the desert sand dunes and desert animals tickle your fancy while you play along with this lesson.
Middle Eastern Streaming option HERE
Middle Eastern DVD option HERE
original #9 – The Chinese 5 Elements – Learn the tunings for the Chinese 5 Elements and play along with the video to scenes of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal.
Chinese 5 Elements Streaming option HERE
Middle Eastern DVD option HERE
original #10 – Celtic Circle Modulations: The Ancient Celtic Circle of Music – How to identify the mode of a piece and how to transition from one mode to another. In this video, you’ll learn how to create seamless musical creations flowing from one feeling to another. Your “Play Along” will be enhanced with Transitions in Nature. Celtic Circle Streaming option HERE
Celtic Circle DVD option HERE