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Instructions for September 1st 2017 applications:

STUDENTS APPLYING for the IHTP STUDY-AT-HOME  PROGRAM – After you have completed the form, please submit the $100 Application fee and select the program you are applying for:

1. The IHTP at-Home Study Program
2. The IHTP At-Home Study program as ‘An Other Program Graduate’
3. An International affiliates Program – International Students only

You will also need to send us the two recordings and the Quiz - instructions are here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will most likely want to compose your responses to our application before entering and submitting them in our online application. Please use our form-fillable PDF to compose your answers.

We are looking for complete and well-thought-out answers.

 International Harp Therapy Program Online Application

  • (Info necessary for us to be able to relate should anything happen while in attendance to our Programs)
    Please indicate which form of payment that will work best for you.
  • mm/dd/yyy
  • Statement of Agreement: By submitting this application, I am familiar with the policies of the International Harp Therapy Program. (see brochure and Student Handbook for Intellectual Property, Course Completion, Grievance Policy). The statements that I have made in this application are true. and will allow any photos taken to be used fir educational and promotional purposes.