Instructions for March 1st 2017 applications:

STUDENTS APPLYING for the IHTP STUDY-AT-HOME  PROGRAM – Please fill out this application on-line.  When you use the on-line form, please submit the payment via the on-line Payment LINK.  Please indicate if you are applying for the:

1. The IHTP AT-HOME Study Program
2. As ‘An Other Program Graduate’
3. An International Program – Location and Mother Language

Please send us the “Find The Mode QUIZ” for the #1 Creative Harping DVD (FREE on line at this LINK) plus 2 recordings – one song from the #2 Dorian Mode that segues into an improvisation based on the tempo and mode of the song not to exceed 3-4 mins. and the same for #3 Aeolian Mode – choose one song from the Creative Harping DVD and segue into the improvisation as you did for the Dorian mode. These do not need to be perfect.  We are asking you to work on the music before you come into the program so that we have a sample of your harp playing and so that you will only need to focus on the academics in the Unit 1. Try to incorporate at least two left hand patterns in your improvisation. If you need coaching, please CONTACT us and we will put you in touch with teachers who you can call upon through skype lessons to help you prepare. You may order your lessons either through CREATIVE HARP DVDs or CREATIVE HARP STREAMING.

This will help us to know where to place you in the program: Group 1 – Beginners  or Group 2 – Intermediate/Advanced.  You can send the recording to our Director of Admissions – Hannah Brockow Roberts –  CONTACT or through a program like  if it is too large.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will want to answer all the questions ahead of time in a document that you can save then copy and paste the answers in the on-line form. Unfortunately this information cannot be saved and resumed for later editing and if your computer closes down, you will lose what you have typed in.


Start by downloading this Application-Form-2017 with the questions that you will be answering. It is best to work your application off line and then copy and paste the answers since the application form does not allow you to save and return. We are looking for complete well-thought answers.


Answer the questions below in written form.

  • (Info necessary for us to be able to relate should anything happen while in attendance to our Programs)
    Please indicate which form of payment that will work best for you.
  • mm/dd/yyy
  • Statement of Agreement: By submitting this application, I am familiar with the policies of the International Harp Therapy Program. (see brochure and Student Handbook for Intellectual Property, Course Completion, Grievance Policy). The statements that I have made in this application are true. and will allow any photos taken to be used fir educational and promotional purposes.

Please now submit your payment by visiting our Payment Page.