Instructions for September 1st 2017 applications:

STUDENTS APPLYING for the IHTP STUDY-AT-HOME  PROGRAM – Please fill out this application online, and submit the $100USD application fee via our payment portal.  Please indicate if you are applying:

1. for the IHTP AT-HOME Study Program;
2. as a graduate from another program (Other Program graduate, or OPG); or
3. for a program with one of our affiliate programs in Europe or Asia.

With your application you will need to submit the “Find the Mode of a Piece of Music” Quiz and two recordings. Detailed instructions are here.  You may orderthe Creative Harping Video Series as physical DVDs (plus shipping and handling costs) or as  or as streaming video.  No Shipping costs!

Contact the Director of Admissions – Hannah Brockow Roberts at

IMPORTANT NOTE: We suggest completing your answers to application questions in a separate document, and then cut and past your answers into the application form.

If there is a problem, you will have a copy of your answers.

We are looking for complete well-thought-out answers.

To view the application,  Go to “Get Started” —> “Application” —> Apply Online