Prep Students

Welcome to our PREP school. This is an opportunity for you to work on your Creative Harping DVD series and your required readings before the online program starts. You will want to refer to our information on PREPARING FOR THE IHTP.

To make it easier, we have outlined some basic DVD Mode submissions here for you. As you can see, the submission need not be any longer than 3-4 mins. You will play one of the songs from the lesson and segue into an improvisation with at least 2 left hand patterns. For beginners, that means that you can play a fifth interval together, you can break up the fifth interval and you can play them in different octaves. This happens while your right hand freely travels away and back to the root note.

Attached HERE you will find some directions for recording through a PC computer. In addition, if you have a MAC, you can either record easily through the Garage Band or through Quicktime. (You will need to pay a little extra for Quicktime Pro). If you have a built in microphone than that will suffice for your recording. You can then save the file as an MP3 and upload it here in your USER account under ‘MUSIC SUBMISSIONS’.

You may also want to start some of your readings at this time. There are twelve book reports – seven required and five of your choice. You will find the list at (READINGLIST LINK).  If you are an International student, you may read the books in your own language or substitute a book with the same emphasis.


Here is a video clip of what your Creative Harping DVD 3-4 minute music submissions simply need to be. (Click the following video images only once to open)

Christina demonstrates short submissions of beginner improvisations for the Dorian, Aeolian, Mixolydian, Locrian and Ionian modes utilizing varied left hand patterns.

Short submissions of beginner improvisations-01

In the following video clip, you will see a simplified music submission on the Middle Eastern Mode.

Please watch this video clip on what we are looking for on your 33 tunes.