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Guideline sheets from Powerpoint presentations on Giving a Presentation. If you would like a copy of the powerpoint presentation, we will arrange for you to obtain a copy . CONTACT FORM

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To all CTHP’s –  Please submit your CEU applications with accompanying documentation beginning on September 1, 2017 – the deadline is December 1, 2017!

CEU Downloads

(see details below)
CEU Book Report Form
CEU Music Lesson Verification Form
CEU Refresher Course Retake Form
CEU non-IHTP trainings, workshops


The IHTP expects graduates to complete 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years. This meets the standard of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians of having 40 CEUs every 4 years.  Maintaining your CEUs demonstrates to existing and potential employers that you are maintaining your certification by engaging in professional development activities, learning new advances in our profession, and new knowledge that you can incorporate into your practice.

Successful completion of 20 CEUs for each two year period is listed on your profile in the Certified Practitioners Directory on the Harp Therapy International Web site.

Summary Overview

Continuing Education Forms

– you will find the forms above for each description in PDF format.

  • CEU Verification Form for Music Lessons Earned CEU Summary
  • Training Curriculum
  • Update Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion of CEUs For Non-IHTP sponsored workshops
  • Book Review Certificate

Continuing Education Policy Summary

  • CEU Completion dates
  • IHTP expects graduates to complete 20 CEU every two years.

Defining Continuing Education Units (CEU)

A CEU is based on “seat hours,” defined/assigned by the entity providing the workshop or conference – for example, a day-long workshop on hospice care may offer 5 CEUs for 6.5 hours of attendance.

Types of CEUs accepted by IHTP

IHTP will accept up to 10 CEUs per 2-year period earned in individual activity, such as book reviews and music lessons. The remaining 10 CEUs must be earned by attending group activities such as in-services, workshops and Conferences. If a graduate completes another training program or degree related to CTHP work, only 20 CEUs will be accepted by IHTP in the 2 year period in which the training was completed.

CEU Options

IHTP Regional Conferences award each attendee 20 CEUs automatically.

IHTP Enrichment Days/Workshops

Regional IHTP Enrichment workshops, days and weekends will offer an appropriate number of CEUs.

IHTP Approved Book Reviews

Please see the Book Report Submission guidelines for a full description of the requirements. The books are to be approved or chosen from the Book List on the IHTP website.  Each book review must be submitted to a reviewer (Bambi Niles). The book reviewer/mentor will acknowledge the satisfactory completion of the book review with a Certificate of Completion. Contact with your book reviews.

Music Lessons on IHTP Principles

Please see the Verification Form for Music Lessons for a full description of the requirements. Please Note: CEUs awarded for Book Reviews and Music Lessons are limited to 10 CEUs per 2-year CEU period.

IHTP Training Courses as Refreshers

Graduates may participate in Courses offered in the future by the IHTP  to stay current with advances and changes. Check with the IHTP Director – EMAIL CONTACT FORM.  A paper is required at the end of the training.

IHTP Sponsored Training or Hospital, Hospice and Nursing Home In-Services

Non-IHTP in-services, Conferences, trainings and workshops will be accepted if the content does not duplicate IHTP curriculum content and the content is directly related to the graduate’s work as a CTHP. A description of training objectives and a CEU certificate identifying number of seat hours provided by the sponsoring organization must be provided or a signed IHTP generic certificate.

Submitting Completed CEUs

CEUs are submitted to IHTP as a unit once every two years when the 20 hours are completed, with a $50 filing fee and the appropriate required forms of each type of Continuing Education completed. Partial documentation will not be accepted or kept on file. All forms are attached on this page under each description. The documentation submitted must include the IHTP CEU Summary form with all supporting documents attached.

Acknowledgement of CEU Completion

When IHTP receives the completed documentation and filing fee and approves the CEUs, IHTP will send a CEU Completion Certificate to the graduate for completion of that 2-year period and will add the graduate’s CEU completion status to the IHTP Graduate Listing on the website on Dec. 31, of the given year.

Our guidelines are in accordance with MHTP, CCMCP, and other programs of the NSBTM. We gratefully acknowledge the guideline help from MHTP in order to unify the CEU guidelines. IHTP Staff

Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioners – Liability Insurance

We have found a reliable source for liability insurance:
ABMP Associated Bodywork & Massage professionals [link href=”link“]

It is best to call 800-458-2267 (rather than apply on-line) and ask to speak with Veronica.

You will be listed under “Sound Therapy”. There is a discount granted if you subscribe to the Harp Therapy Journal.


Here is the protocol and current pricing (subject to change):

Join at the Practitioner Level at $199 per year
Enclose or send a copy of IHTP Certification
Enclose or send a copy of the back page of the Harp Therapy Journal, which has proof of your subscription expiration and ABMP#601161HTJ for $20 discount (write your check including this discount)
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