Take a peek at the wonderful time we had at our International Harp Therapy Program training in the Netherlands!  We sure had a lot of fun as well as studying and making new friends.

intl-harp-therapy-program-2016-videoClick HERE for the Video


JOIN US July 12-20, 2019
for our next IHTP – Europe Level 1 training!

Our Professional Days will be July 21-22, 2018
Special Guest Instructors – Ludwig Conistabile – His unique way of administering guided imagery.
Alix Colin – meeting and mastering the modes and learning beautiful medieval tunes for the bedside.

CEUs available for all our graduates for the 2 year period ending 2019.


Here is our NEW IHTP-Europe website – it will have all the information you need for the upcoming training and conference:

Download our PDF Flyer Program-IHTP-Europe-2019
Transportation Guide to Heythuysen  Travel-info

Please contact our European Center for Details.


Here is a greeting from Director Liesbeth Shroen and her Core team of Alix Colin, Margaret Forrest and Lies Joosten:

Dear friends,
At the end of the year it’s good to look back, what last year brought us as IHTP Europe and look forward to the upcoming year.
We are thankful for a beautiful year for IHTP and for our affiliate IHTP Europe program. Christina Tourin now has a core team helping her to settle IHTP for the future. In Europe the core team is taking steps too, to evolve the program in Europe. We are working on a European website, we started Prep-school last year and we organized a workshop Harp Playing from the Heart.
And of course last July we had an inspiring study week at The Butterflygarden in Heythuysen where a group of students attended the Level 1 and Level 2 training. These students are now actively working on their homework and internships to become a professional therapeutic harp practitioners.
During the attendance week we went to an elderly home for people with alzheimers disease and to a special needs facility. We also had some little guests as you can see on the pictures that go with his email. Christina showed us how to work with the Rainbow of Sound™ program. The children loved it!
Next year we will go forward on this beautiful musical healing path. We look forward the prep school from 20-21 July and to the new Level 1 attendance week from 12-20 July.
We are excited to welcome Ludwig Conistabile to guide us in his unique way of improvisation and give us guidance on how to do Creative Guided Imagery. Alix Colin will take us into the depths of the modes as used in Medieval traditions. For all graduates, they will receive the 20 required CEUs to be listed as an active Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP).
There will be a meet and greet for graduated students 14 july and two interesting workshops. This workshop provides you CEU points and gives you the possibility to see old friends and collaegues.
For newcomers, there will be an introductory day on the 12th of July where the IHTP program will be explained and experienced and Prep lessons will take place.
More information you can find in the flyer which you find above on the  attachments.  We all had a wonderful time in the peaceful and green retreat centre The Butterfly Garden.
We thank all the students, teachers and mentors, and of course Christina Tourin and her core team for walking this beautiful path together. We wish you all beautiful Holidays and much light and love for you and your beloved in 2018!
Blessings from Team IHTP Europe



Here are the brochures for the past Summer Courses.

French   English  German  Dutch


Come fly with us with your harp!

Come fly with us with your harp!

Here is our class from 2008 at the Dorothy House nr. Bath
2008 Class  Bath, England

Here are pictures from our wonderful program in the Netherlands in 2015

July 3-11, 2015

On the weekend, people new to the harp learned how to play the harp with the intention of using music therapeutically.

Heythuysen, Netherlands is our new center for IHTP-Europe.

The beautiful gardens of the Butterfly Retreat Center in Heythuysen

The beautiful gardens of the Butterfly Retreat Center in Heythuysen

Retreat Center in Heythuysen, NL

Retreat Center in Heythuysen, NL










If you are interested in joining us for 2016, please contact us and we can get you started on the readings and the music development study. You will then be able to attend our next class!

The course of study follows what you will find on this Harp Therapy Campus site.

CONTACT us for more information.


Enjoy these pictures from our 2015 class:










IMG_9831 IMG_9852




2015-07-04 19.03.10 2015-07-04 20.48.44

HARP ON WIGHT – UK HARP FESTIVAL was held in October 2015
What a wonderful event it was! Stay tuned for info for next year!


International Classes for the Int’l Harp Therapy Program over the years.

2014 Netherlands

2014 Netherlands

IHTP Class Germany 2014

2014 Germany Class

Class of 2014 France

2014 Alsace, France Class

Class of 2014 Shediac

2014 New Brunswick, Canada Class


2014 Melbourne, Australia Class

Resonance Study Class in the Netherlands

2013 Class – Samaya Retreat Center, Netherlands

Joachim and Anna – Netherlands Class 2012

2010 Class – Watford, UK

2010 Class - Bologna, Italy

2010 Class – Bologna, Italy

2009 Class - Denmark

2009 Class – Denmark


2009 Class – Belgium

2008 Class  Bath, England

2008 Class Bath, England

2007 Class - Tokyo, Japan

2007 Class – Tokyo, Japan

2007 Class Brittany, France

2007 Class Brittany, France

2007 Class Depoort, Njymegen, NL

2007 Dreamharps, Netherlands

2007 Dreamharps, Netherlands

2007 International Retreat, Glastonbury, England

2007 International Retreat, Glastonbury, England

2006 Class, Norway

2006 Class, Norway

2006 Class - Holycombe, England

2006 Class – Holycombe, England

2005 Class - Cornwall, UK

2005 Class – Cornwall, UK

2006 Class Japan

2006 Class Japan

2005 Class - Limerick, Ireland

2004 Class - Wells, B.C. Canada

2004 Class – Wells, B.C. Canada

1994 Class - England

1994 Class – England

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