Do You Know?

  1. What to do when you see the heart rate decrease in a patient?
  2. How to modulate out of the Ionian Mode when a patient begins to  cry?
  3. How to raise the energy of a depressed person through modulating?
  4. How to identify what stage a person is in the dying process and the appropriate music for that stage?
  5. How to determine if you should engage the recipient in playing the instrument or conversation for that matter?
  6. How to keep track of what is going on with the patient without looking at the music?
  7. How to hold someone’s hand and play at the same time?
  8. How and what to play if someone is on a morphine drip?
  9. How to extend your instrument to a patient so that they actually get to play along with you?
  10. How to calm agitated patients with the use of Resonant tone and double resonance?

These are but a few of the things that all Therapeutic Harpists should know before sitting before any patient, client, or recipient.

The International Harp Therapy Program is here to prepare you to be an excellent musician with proficiencies in empathic listening, implementation of resonant tone, understandings of hospital procedures and etiquette among a wide variety of other skills.

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