Caring – Prayers and Well Wishes



So often, we or our loved ones, go through difficult times and need that bit of extra help sent our way. This is our prayer and special energy gift list – a place where you can ask to hold or be held in our weekly Sunday harp playing of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   For over 12 years now, we come together as a group of harpists to play this song when anyone in our IHTP family is going through tough times. Please scroll down to ask us to play for you on this coming Sunday.


Please add the following people to you Sunday playing and prayer/meditation list:

Barbara Carr and her mum
Laura Shanahan Egloff
Steve and Jan MacArthur and family
Masayo Honjo,  her husband, Julian and Gentry
Karen Huckle
Michelle Therese and her father
Renata di Pietro
Cheryl Kissling and family
Laughlin, Gus, Andrea, John and Carla
Whitely’s family (see post)
Barbara C and her mother
Bambi and Mindy
Laura Triana
Markey Sandhop
Cynthia Poortenga
Valerie May
Mary Rohowetz
Jan Brouckaert and her father
Helen Heath
Cheryl Kissling
Dale Stetina
Jo Philpot and her mother
Paul and Suzie Guess on the passing of Paul’s Dad
Kevin Mattox – Bev, Gary Tyack and family
Evelyn Huckvale – Jo and Tim


Past posting from Christina – I thank you all  for the well wishes and prayers during the past couple months of my mother’s transition – Ruth Hersey Cooper.  I have moved her information over to this site:  The Melody Lingers – Music and Aging (click to go or it is under NEWSLETTER on this site). There is information there  about various ways we can help the Aging through music as well as a link to Don Campbell and Alex Doman’s book: Healing At the Speed of Sound. I have also included a clip of a song that mother and I sang just before she went to Hospice – it is a beautiful song that my grandmother used to play on the piano every night before we went to bed – Sing Me To Sleep.  Blessings.

~ ~ The Inspiration behind the IHTP ~ ~ Ruth Marcelyn Hersey Cooper





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  1. KarenT says:

    Please add my friends Toni and Tony & Patty. Thanks

  2. Sue Egloff says:

    Special prayers for Laura (daughter) please. She has lung surgery on Monday.

    L&H, Sue

  3. Masayo Honjo says:

    Dear friends,

    Today, I want to report to you that our family is entering an unknown territory, a new chapter of our lives.
    Julian, my husband, Gentry’s dad is diagnosed with brain cancer. Our focus will be to deal with this for a while.
    We want to make this a learning opportunity for trust, joy and peace….. basically all the good stuff of life!

    Good thoughts and prayers are so welcome right now. And forgive me if I seem too busy or preoccupied. Indeed, I have so much to do!
    But our door to friendship is open. Since we want to surround ourselves with beautiful thoughts, we welcome your sharing of fun/funny/beautiful experiences,etc. and just be friends. We may be outgoing, or we may need space, allowing the waves of time. I am sure you understand.

    Thank you for taking this in. Please keep in touch.

    Love always,
    Masayo Honjo
    P.S. Please forward this to anyone I missed.

  4. Masayo Honjo says:

    Julian, my husband is diagnosed with brain cancer. Please pray for us. Thank you, Masayo

  5. BambiN says:

    Prayers for Janet Brouckaert on the passing of her father, November 27, 2013. Janet cared for her father’s needs and advocated for his care while hospitalized in Florida. My thoughts and prayers go to Jan.

  6. Christina says:

    from Carla Whiteley:
    Just writing to ask you to pray for Laughlin ,John ,Andrea and Gus.

    Laughlin has been diagnosed with leukemia.

    Every 5 years they find that one child out of all the ones that have been successfully treated for the brain tumor that Laughlin had develops leukemia .Sadly Laughlin has developed it.

    His 7th birthday party has been moved forward and he goes into hospital in 10 days time where he will undergo treatment for a week and then remain in the hospital for 6 weeks

    Laughlin will also be tested to see if he has a genetic predisposition to cancer. If that is the case Gus will be tested.

    Please pray for headling for Laughlin and strength for John and Andrea and Gus.

    With our love..

  7. BambiN says:

    Student, Helen Heath is dealing with illness in her family. Please lift her for strength during this time. Thank you.

  8. BambiN says:

    Margaret Warczak has had some wonderful news regarding her health and feels like she can breathe again! We rejoice with Margaret!

  9. BambiN says:

    Sympathy to Cheryl Kissling of Iowa, on the passing of her father. She cared for him at home after retiring from her nursing career.
    Cheryl, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Bambi Niles says:

    Sending prayers for safety to those affected by floods in Colorado.
    I have heard from Liz Gilpartick in Louiville, Colorado. They are safe, but many friends and family in the area are cut off due to flooding.
    Know I am praying for you.
    Also sending prayers for those affected by California and New Jersey fires, may the rain help put the fires out!

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