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Discover the world of therapeutic music with the harp!

Imagine carrying your harp into a patient room. The corridor is filled with noise and activity, and the patient is restless and shows anxiety. As you play for this person whom you have just met, her breath becomes deeper and slower. The furrowed brow begins to release. And then you notice that the hallway is no longer noisy and chaotic. You have changed the environment for the patient, visitors and staff.

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Through the training of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) you will have the skills and ability to enter into many different settings and situations with confidence, knowing that your music is of great value and benefit, and that you can respond appropriately to anything that arises.

The IHTP is a premier program that has been offering training for nearly 30 years. Although many programs are increasing the use of on-line learning and webinars, IHTP is returning to hands on teaching. In this way, the student has the benefit of personal attention from and interaction with the coaches, teachers, guest lecturers, and other students. For close to 3 decades, IHTP has trained graduates from 22 countries across 5 continents! In the past several years, IHTP has established its global Affiliate Partner Programs with training available in the United States, Netherlands, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong. These affiliate programs are available to you to complete your course or as an exciting destination for retreats and continuing education credits.

Our Training dates and our new Student Handbook are available on our SCHEDULE CALENDAR.


HandPositionsIHTP focuses only on harp, so you will work with accomplished harpists to develop your skills on the instrument. This includes learning how to improvise, work with modes, and useful repertoire for many situations or ethnic and religious backgrounds. You will learn how to work intuitively with patients and clients, weaving familiar songs together with unfamiliar music and improvisations. Music theory is also taught, as is information about the physics of sound.

Training also covers many areas that are not directly related to music, but necessary for working in the healthcare field. These include clinical protocols, healthcare basics, professional behavior, and deepening perceptual awareness of self and others. Training also features self-care segments and business basics to help you get started professionally.

You will learn how to find and use a patient’s resonant tone, how to create an interactive music program for senior center residents,  youth center attendees, children with special needs, and so much more!


Melanie with patientThe International Harp Therapy Program
27+ years of Excellence!

Are you ready for the next step? Christina offers 2 FREE webinar lessons where you will learn:

2 modal healing pieces of music

Basic harp technique

Left hand patterns for improvisation

If you enjoy the webinars, you may choose to continue with lessons #2-#10 for a small fee or enroll in Christina’s live tutorials.

Please sign me in for the free webinar lessons and more information! 

Please sign me in for the free webinar lessons and more information!

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We understand that some people are not able to travel for their training. We have two options for you.

1.  This coming November we will offer a virtual attendance to our Australian gathering. You will be joining a class daily in your own home. This requires you, however, to plan to attend one of our Module 2 training sessions in order to get your certification. For more information CONTACT for information on joining our November Module 1 class. You will make friends with some wonderful Aussie students. (Should for any reason the current pandemic keep you from our USA training in November in Florida, we will plan to do a virtual offering).

2.  If you are unable to travel the one time to our centers in the USA, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Hong Kong or Australia and are in need of certification, we have partnered with the Sister NSBTM Program Harps for Healing which offers a completely on-line training through their CMCP program (except for your internship). We invite graduates of the Harps for Healing program to consider attending the IHTP Experiential Specialty Module 2 for going deep into resonant work and interactive skills. Satisfactory completion of the Module 2 by a graduate of another certified program will result in a certification from IHTP.

We look forward to having your join our IHTP family!

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