Welcome to the International Harp Therapy program!

Discover the world of therapeutic music with the harp! Learn how to become a certified harp therapy practitioner through the IHTP program. Develop skill in playing the harp; learn how to work intuitively with patients and clients; weave familiar songs together with improvisational and unfamiliar music as you work with your clients. You will learn useful repertoire for many situations in healthcare environments; how to find the harp that’s best for you; and best practices to work as a therapeutic musician in a clinical setting.

You will learn how to find and use a patient’s resonant tone, how to create an interactive music program for  senior center residents,  youth center attendees, children with special needs, and much more!

Consider a career in community music-making with the Rainbow of Sound program and Harp Circles.


Melanie with patientThe International Harp Therapy Program
25+ years of Excellence!


  • Exciting lectures from world renowned sound healers, scientist, and practitioners in the field
  • A one-on-one mentor to guide you through the program
  • At-Home Study Program options available
  • International programs for study/vacation opportunities
  • Choice of tuition payment plans

Our program focuses heavily on:

  • music development
  • interactive harp sharing opportunities
  • training in sympathetic resonances

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 Future Design of the
International Harp Therapy Program

For close to 3 decades, the Int’l Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) has trained graduates from 22 countries across 5 continents!

In 2010 we began our on-line educational program. This enabled us to offer high-quality education to those around the world interested in using their musical talents for well-being benefits of humanity.

The time has come where we have established our global Affiliate Partner Programs while many of our golden leaders are looking forward to their retirements.  Our new leaders are now prepared to offer you the same excellent training in their countries.  Christina and her Resonant Kinesiology team, plan to continue teaching the experiential specialty Level 2 Modules (ESM) focusing on Resonant Tone and Interactive methods using the harp until 2023. Our affiliate programs will be providing the prerequisite for the in-depth training that makes the IHTP unique.

NOTE:  We no longer offer our on-line format however we continue offering the Attendance Modules in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and with new programs starting in other countries.

What does this mean for you if you cannot travel to one of our Attendance Modules?    We  are also teaming up with our Sister NSBTM Program Harps for Healing for those who cannot travel extensively but are able to come to our Experiential Specialty Module on going deep into Resonant work and Interactive skills. We welcome you to join us for a very exciting career!

If you are interested in preparing for entrance in the future to our Attendance programs, Christina  offers 2 FREE webinar lessons where you will learn;

2 modal healing pieces of music that can be submitted for your application.
You may choose to continue with lessons #3-#10 for a small fee.


Please opt-in here to receive access information to the FREE Webinar lessons! 

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NOTE to all potential applicants to the International Harp Therapy Program:

We now require all applicants to have completed the first 3 Creative Harping Series lessons and submit the following:

  • #1 –  View our first free Creative Harping Lesson  – this will give you insight to the modes
  • #2The Dorian Mode – submit a 2-4 minute tune with an accompanying improvisation from Creative Harping Lesson #2; and
  • # 3The Aeolian mode – submit a 2-4 minute tune with an accompanying improvisation from Creative Harping Lesson #3.
  • Join our Free #2 and #3 Lessons on September 23, 2019.

 The first lesson is free, and available online by following the link above. If you would like a recommendation for a Skype teacher , IHTP graduate and certified harp therapy practitioner, please  contact us.


Please follow this LINK and read it carefully. (Omit all references to the on-line program).


 Conference Call for On-Line Current Students
Changed from Feb. 6, 2020 to Feb. 20th, 2020
5:00 p.m. California time  (6:00 MT; 7:00 CT; 8:00 ET) Friday a.m. for AU/Asia


OPTIONS for Study

1. One week attendance Programs

Level 1 – IHTP-Italy   CONTACT

Level 1– IHTP-Asia (Hong Kong)  –  CONTACT
Level 2 – ESM -
Hong Kong – January 2020  CONTACT

Level 2 – ESM – Australia – April 21 -26, 2020  CONTACT
Internships – 25 required hours – April 27-30, 2020 CONTACT

Level 1 – USA – Florida nr Orlando – Nov.8-12 , 2020 (tent)  –   CONTACT
Level 2 – Florida nr Orlando – Nov. ,8-12 2020 -(tent)   CONTACT
Internships – 25 required hours – Nov. 13-16 2020  CONTACT

Level 2 – Phoenix, AZ – Dec. 3-6, 2020 (tentative) CONTACT

IHTP Prep Days – Europe – NL    CONTACT
Level 1 – Europe - UK – Glastonbury July 17-25, 2020    CONTACT
Level 2 – Europe – UK – Glastonbury July 17-25, 2020    CONTACT

Christina’s Tutorials (Online lessons and webinars)

 IHTP Internships with Christina CONTACT
Tentative for April – San Diego –  2020  Limit 6 people

See what other have to say about the program!

Exciting opportunities await you in the field of music and healthcare!

Senior Home 5

If this sounds like your dream, we invite you to explore the International Harp Therapy Program

You’ll Learn:

~ The relevance of myths and archetypes for modern healers
~ Musical intervals and modes, and their application to healing
~ How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies
~ An enabling language and skills for working in healthcare settings
~ How to market your skills and find job opportunities

New technology makes it possible for you to study from your own home, digesting and reflecting on what you’re learning….

Or, you can choose to join one of the immersive one-week study modules offered in many locations around the country and world.

All students will deepen their learning of the therapeutic music standards.

For further information contact:

Hannah Brockow – Director of Admissions –

We look forward to having your join our IHTP family!

You may start with the FREE first DVD lesson
#1 Creative Harping DVD – How to Find the Mode of a Piece of Music.


Centers are being established around the world.  The centers in Netherlands,  Australia, Italy, Hong Kong and Brazil  will offer 1 week Attendance trainings in the languages of the countries embraced. We will be adding more training centers so please do check back to see where the next ones are being set up.

Christina Tourin and Judith Hitt will continue to offer the LEVEL 2 Resonance Experiential Study along with the Interactive Portion of the IHTP  and in various countries.

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