International Harp Therapy Program

Here you will find everything you need to get started on harp for healing, finding an appropriate harp, developing skills in harp playing, improvisation, healing harp repertoire, hospital procedures for clinical harpists, finding resonant tone, learning to play the harp with the intention of entering the therapeutic harp field, and the format of our new complete on-line harp therapy training Level 1 program. You will be able to delve further into resonance or go into community music-making programs with the Rainbow of Sound Harp Circles. Welcome!  Here is information about how to study harp therapy on-line.

Classes begin each September.



Starting September (2013), students will be able to receive a LEVEL 1 Certification completely ON-LINE with no travel necessary.

At the end of the 9 monthly studies focusing on all the Standards set forth by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM –, the Music Development Creative Harping Series and the 45 hour internship, you can receive your certification upon satisfactory completion.

You will then have the option if you would like to continue on to LEVEL 2 – focusing on Finding Resonance Tone and learning further how to Individualize Music based on the Resonance Model OR to delve further into the Interactive Therapeutic Harp Model.
Both models are unique to the International Harp Therapy Program. The Level 2 Resonance Model is an attendance program by the nature of experiential exercises. An Interactive Model can be done at home with the use of DVDs and webinars.
(All graduates until this point of change hold both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications)


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Link to Harp Therapy Campus introduction video 01 Link to Harp Therapy Campus Introduction Video 02 Link to Harp Therapy Campus Course Introduction-03
Harp Therapy LEVEL 1
Harp Therapy LEVEL 1
Certification – Continued
LEVEL 2 Resonance Studies
Certification and
Interactive Training

Please contact us using the form below for more information. People are now signing up for the PREP program to prepare for upcoming classes.


You may start with the FREE first DVD lesson by going to
and going to the bottom of the page to view the first Creative Harping DVD – How to Find the Mode of a Piece of Music.

We look forward to helping you develop the best music possible for those who are eager to be with you!

Christina Tourin, Director IHTP.

Therapeutic Harp Study with new options of complete on-line (or attendance).

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For more information on Resonance, please go to this LINK.

Christina’s most recent update on her inspirational experience & insights
from the Brazil Level 2 Module…

“There were two more babies in this intensive care unit. One a little girl with what appeared to be severe encephalitis. The nurses were able to elevate her and I found her resonant tone and she was able to focus and extend her arm to wave it in time with the music. This was probably one of the most profound experiences that I have had.  continue (last page (7) of this LINK)

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Is it possible to grow your musical and creative skills and use them to serve humanity?

Exciting opportunities await you in the field of music and healthcare!

If this sounds like your dream, we invite you to explore the
International Harp Therapy Program

You’ll Learn:

~ The relevance of myths and archetypes for modern healers
~ Musical intervals and modes, and their application to healing
~ How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies
~ An enabling language and skills for working in healthcare settings
~ How to market your skills and find job opportunities

New technology makes it possible for you to begin study from your own home, with nine months to digest and reflect on what you’re learning….

Or, you can choose to begin with an immersive one-week study module offered in many locations around the world.

All students will deepen their learning of the therapeutice music standards with an exciting experiential module offered in a location near you!

Want to know more?  Click on the GET STARTED tab in the menu bar above.


We look forward to having your join our IHTP family!