Welcome to the International Harp Therapy program!

Discover the world of therapeutic music with the harp! Learn how to become a certified harp therapy practitioner through the IHTP program. Develop skill in playing the harp, learn how to create improvisations to segue from one tune to another as you serve your patient/client. You will learn repertoire for use in many situations in healthcare environments, how to find the harp that’s best for you, how to work as a therapeutic musician in a clinical setting.

You will learn how to find and use a patient’s resonant tone, how to create an interactive music program for a senior center or youth center. Consider a career in
community music-making with the Rainbow of Sound program and Harp Circles.

Melanie with patient  The New IHTP Learning Design

‘meeting all your study needs’

  • Complete At-Home Study Program
  • International programs for study/vacation opportunities
  • Choice of tuition payment plans
  • Exciting lectures from world renowned sound healers, scientist, and practitioners in the field
  • A one-on-one mentor to guide you through the program

Our program focuses heavily on:

  • music development
  • interactive harp sharing opportunities
  • training in sympathetic resonances

JOIN US in Cedar Falls, IOWA August 11-13, 2017 for our Bi-Annual CONFERENCE!

Everyone is invited to our bi-annual IHTP Conference, a place to learn more about Therapeutic Music and those wishing to gain harp skills. IHTP Graduates will automatically receive the 20 required Continuing Education Credits. Current Students needed every two years. You will meet people from all over the United States (and a few flying in from elsewhere!) and enjoy many interesting workshops. Those interested in therapeutic harp/voice work are invited to come and see what its all about!

Prior to the conference, we will hold a Skills workshop in Albert Lea, MN – a 2 hour drive from the Iowa venue. Then we will parade on down to the conference where Gaylord Stauffer puts on an incredible show!

We have exciting offerings at the conference!

Rodney Schwan and Christina will be rolling out a new program:

Color My World with Sensory Wellness
through Aroma and Sound

for Holistic Health Practitioners, Nurses and Healthcare Providers. You won’t want to miss this exciting new venture. It is the next step to integrate the modality of aromatherapy with sound and help to improve wellness for everyone!

Here are more exciting offerings at the conference:
Jeanne Martin – Music, Mythology, and Medicine, the Ancient Roots of Therapeutic Harp
Tami Briggs – offering two workshops: HEALING Vibrations Harp/Hands, and Using Intentionality for the Harp.
Dayle Olson will be presenting tools to work with Special Needs children. He and Christina will show the newly developed Rainbow Bubble Program.
Gaylord Stauffer – Sound Vibrations – How they Work and how they affect animate and inanimate objects
Marianne Lounsbury – The Power of Art and Music. This is a program that she is using in the Parker Adventist Hospital. For those of you who have heard her harp music, you will think you have gone to heaven!

Following the conference, we will be holding the Level 2 (ESM Experiential Specialty Module) on finding Resonant Tone and how to implement it. This is where all the magic happens!

There will also be an opportunity after the conference for you to do your internship with Rachel Christensen in Albert Lea. You will receive 25 hours of your required 80 hours by working with her in local healthcare facilities.

The cost of the Conference is $185 before June 15, 2017 and $200. after June 15, 2017. Please click on this link below to register for any or all of the wonderful activities taking place. And bring the family – there are wonderful things for the family to do! Gaylord will send you a Welcome packet when you register!


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 International Harp Therapy Program

COMPLETE STUDY-AT-HOME with no travel!


The newly revised IHTP consists of five Units. Units 1-3 provide the foundational courses. Unit 4 is the introduction to resonance study and Unit 5 is the Interactive component and clinical rotation. The student may work at their own pace, but each Unit must be completed in 6 months. In addition to the Units, the student will need to complete their internship in order to graduate the program and receive their certification.

NOTE to all potential applications to the International Harp Therapy Program: We are requiring that all applicants have studied the first 3 Creative Harping DVD lessons: #1 – How To Find The Mode and submit the QUIZ; #2 – DORIAN and #3 – AEOLIAN Modes and will submit a 3-4 min. recording with a segue into the improvisation with their application form. #1 Lesson is FREE online. If you are in need of coaching by a skype teacher, please contact our office. CONTACT.


Our NEW STUDENT HANDBOOK is now available!
Please download this PDF and read it carefully.


Download Student Handbook Here


We have 78 students and our 2017 Class! Our next intake is Sept. 1, 2017. Applications are now being accepted with recordings from the Creative Harping DVD Series – Dorian and Aeolian Modes. You can get much of your work done by working on the Music Development (Creative Harping required 10 DVD Lessons) and the Required Readings. You will find requirements HERE while working on your preparatory lessons until the new Campus doors open.


OPTIONS for Study

1. The Complete AT-HOME Study Program
Next Opening is Sept. 1, 2017

2. One week attendance Programs

ESM – July 7-11, Hong Kong in conjunction with the World Harp Congress
Level 1 – July 22-29, 2017 – Heythuysen Netherlands
Intro and Skills building – August 8-11, 2017 – Albert Lea, Minnesota
Level 2 – August 14-19 – Albert Lea, Minnesota
IHTP Conference August 12-13, 2017 – Cedar Falls, Iowa


See what other have to say about the program!

Here is our class of 2016!


Click here for the
pictorial of IHTP 2016



View sample pages from our At-Home Study Units

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Exciting opportunities await you in the field of music and healthcare!

Senior Home 5

If this sounds like your dream, we invite you to explore the International Harp Therapy Program

You’ll Learn:

~ The relevance of myths and archetypes for modern healers
~ Musical intervals and modes, and their application to healing
~ How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies
~ An enabling language and skills for working in healthcare settings
~ How to market your skills and find job opportunities

New technology makes it possible for you to study from your own home, digesting and reflecting on what you’re learning….

Or, you can choose to join one of the immersive one-week study modules offered in many locations around the country and world.

All students will deepen their learning of the therapeutic music standards.

Want to know more?  Click on the GET STARTED tab in the menu bar above.

For further information contact:

Hannah Brockow – Director of Admissions –
Christina Tourin, Director – IHTP   –

We look forward to having your join our IHTP family!


You may start with the FREE first DVD lesson
#1 Creative Harping DVD – How to Find the Mode of a Piece of Music.



Therapeutic Harp Study 

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Centers are being established around the world.  The centers in Netherlands,  Australia and Brazil  will offer 1 week Attendance trainings in the languages of the countries embraced. We will be adding more training centers so please do check back to see where the next ones are being set up.

Christina Tourin and Judith Hitt will continue to offer the LEVEL 2 Resonance Experiential Study along with the Interactive Portion of the IHTP  and in various countries.